Our Values

A lifelong love of art drives the Becca Who aims of creating artistic products for enjoyment in our everyday lives – to surround ourselves with items which speak to us and express who we are. All of the designs begin with Becca’s original artwork, from detailed ink drawings on paper through to digital painterly strokes. Art led design often means conversational prints filled with intrigue – or products infused with mood, emotion and meaning. The combination of traditional and modern techniques for creating draws on years of study and practice in areas such as Fine Art, Textiles and Graphic Design, resulting in the distinctive Becca Who style, enjoyed by those who love the visual language of art, colour and decorative pattern.


The passion for creating art began at a very young age for Becca and she found that creativity always brought solace through life’s ups and downs. We know creativity brings a boost to our well-being and that everyone and anyone can benefit from introducing creativity into their daily lives. To create products which can be a part of and bring inspiration for the creative processes of others, means to propagate these immense values of creativity in our lives. Whether you choose dramatic Fabrics for creative upholstery projects or feature Becca Who Homeware items in a beautifully original interior scheme, we love seeing these results and being just a part of the process. This sharing of our creative inspirations, interpretations and ideas brings original and rewarding results.


Expressive Interiors from British Designer Becca Who


Home, in particular, ought to be a place where we feel free to fully express who we are and the things we love. To create a home where we are surrounded by our own inspirations and designs which speak to us, is to enjoy a personal and special place. Whatever our preference when it comes to interiors, we can all enjoy the endless possibilities in bringing together elements to create a space which feels a certain way. Becca Who aims to offer designs which voice your individuality and to bring a sought after originality through art led design - to create happy and meaningful spaces in which to enjoy our lives.



By creating designs from works of art, we aim to offer timeless products which can be cherished for years to come. We love to see new life breathed into something old and worn via an exciting re-upholstery resulting in a revamped future heirloom – or the choosing of products for their personal significance, a favourite colour or subject, which will be loved for many years to come. We offer products which are intended to stand the test of time, with our carefully selected British partners, suppliers and expert craftspeople sharing our dedication to creating products of the highest standards and offering our customers the best experience. With Fabric and Wallpapers made to order, this helps to minimise waste. This ‘slow movement’ of buying things to last is an intrinsic part of being considerate of our environment and reducing our impact on the planet.