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British Designer of Statement Fabrics, Luxury Patterned Wallpapers and Accessories

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Immerse yourself in glorious pattern and colour - and bring your creativity to the fore! For all Soft Furnishings & Upholstery. Sultry dark florals, rich jewel tones and dreamy pastels... Choose from an array of eclectic beauty.

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Becca Who Luxury Designer Dressing Gowns

Statement Fabrics & Patterned Wallpapers

Bengal Rose Garden in Midnight Blue | Velvet Fabric

From £82.00 - £92.00

Serpentwined in Blush Pink | Luxury Designer Wallpaper


Serpentwined in Nightfall | Velvet Fabric

From £82.00 - £92.00

Ocean Treasures in Deepwater | Velvet Fabric

From £82.00 - £92.00
Bathroom Wallpaper Green Teal Botanical by Designer, Becca Who

Can I Use Wallpaper in a Bathroom? Yes! Here’s How to Get the Best Results

How Wallpaper can be used in a bathroom to make a beautiful statement, with one simple method to ensure protection from moisture.