Green Decor Light Green Patterned Wallpaper with Country Floral by Designer, Becca Who

Green Decor Inspiration: How To Elevate Your Home with Green Fabric and Wallpaper

In the heart of every home lies the potential for dramatic elegance, a stage upon which we can play out our inspirations and personality through colour and texture. A timeless beauty, Green is a colour which endures in popularity in interior design, it’s natural roots resonating with all that we want to feel in our spaces, from the luxurious drama of statement Dark Green to the comfort and calm of softer Greens. 

Upholstery, window treatments and feature wallpaper are all beautiful and enjoyable ways in which we can bring Green into our home decor. Deep Forest Green and vivid Emerald Green, the hues of enchanted forests and regal elegance, are those which we might choose to feature in luxe upholstery, curtains or a striking feature wall wallpaper. Lighter Greens are an elegant choice for allover Wallpaper or layered within the space via soft furnishings - the softer shades of Green taking us to a place of gentle tranquility, and sitting well within the space amongst elegant muted colours or neutrals.


Green Textiles: From Bold Drama to Serene Elegance

For those who love bold, rich decor in an interior, Green Fabrics and Wallpapers have a dramatic effect on our spaces when we look to compliment the Green with jewel tones, Blues, or Plum - or contrasted with warm earthy tones such as Amber or Rust. 

Where we are looking to create a space which is calming and relaxing, combining Greens with soft Natural hues, muted colours, or against a fresh warm White, results in a beautifully elegant space.


Whether you wish to create a dramatic, lush interior of rich colours, or a fresh, serene space with a sophisticated ambience, read on for more inspiration as to how you can achieve each of these results in your home through Green textiles.


Green Decor with Green Patterned Fabric for Upholstery by Designer, Becca Who

Dramatic Decor: How to Feature Textiles in Rich Greens

For those who love bold, rich interior decor, Green Fabrics and Wallpapers remain a popular choice, with Forest Green, Emerald Green, and Dark Greens all having a powerful effect in a space. These verdant hues, in darker or vibrant tones, hold the power to transform spaces into lush sanctuaries that both soothe and stimulate the senses. We can see the true magic of Green textiles unfold when we creatively pair or contrast these Green elements within a palette of complementary or contrasting hues. 


Green Statement Decor with Wallpaper by Designer, Becca Who

Complementing Dark Green with Blues or Plum in a Statement Interior

When Green meets Blue, the result is a harmonious blend that echoes the natural world, like a lush forest meeting the sky or the ocean. Incorporating Blues alongside dark Green decor, from the whisper of palest Blue to the deep reverberation of Navy, creates an environment that feels both expansive and grounded. This combination promotes a sense of comfort, making it ideal for our living spaces, with the richer hues bringing a touch of drama to the classic feel of darker Greens and Blues.

The addition of Plum introduces a touch of regal elegance to the Green palette. This rich, sophisticated shade adds depth and complexity, invoking a sense of luxury and creativity. Plum accents in the form of throw pillows, rugs, or even a feature wall can turn a room into a powerful narrative of colour and texture. 


Bold Green Snakes Patterned Velvet Designer Fabric for Upholstery & Curtains by Becca Who
Green and Dark Navy Blue Wallpaper by Designer, Becca Who

Contrasting Rich Green Decor with Warm Earthy Tones

On the other side of the spectrum, contrasting Green with warm earthy tones such as Amber or Rust brings a dynamic vibrancy to the space. This palette is inspired by the autumnal landscape, where the lushness of green foliage is met with the fiery hues of the season. The warmth of Amber tones injects energy and optimism into the room, whilst Rusty colours add a grounded, robust character.

This contrast is not just visually stimulating; it also creates a space that feels welcoming and comfortable. The warmth of these earthy tones accentuates Greens, making for an inviting ambiance. Textiles play a crucial role, with Green fabrics for furniture or curtains providing a sumptuous backdrop to accents in warmer colours. Similarly, a Green wallpaper can serve as a beautiful canvas for artworks or accessories in these warm, earthy hues.


Green Decor with earthy tones fabric for curtains and upholstery by Designer, Becca Who
Green Decor Ideas patterned green velvet for upholstery by Designer, Becca Who
Dark Green Decor Ideas Furnishings Fabric by Designer, Becca Who



Emerald Green Textiles | A Favourite for Creating Dramatic Interiors

Emerald Green, with its depth and vibrancy, serves as a striking cornerstone for interior design through fabrics and wallpapers, offering a rich canvas that invites an array of complementary and contrasting colours. This luxurious hue exudes elegance and is a versatile choice for those wishing to imbue their spaces with a sense of opulence. When Emerald Green fabrics and wallpapers are incorporated into an interior, they become the heart of the decor, around which a harmonious colour palette can be built.

When looking for colours to compliment Emerald Green fabrics and wallpapers, the cool depth of Navy Blue offers a natural alliance. Navy Blue is a beautiful, classic hue next to which Emerald Green truly shines. This combination promotes a refined atmosphere with a luxurious feel, ideal for living and dining areas.


Emerald Green Furnishings Fabric for Home Decor by Designer, Becca Who


Metallic accents, such as Gold, Brass, and Copper, beautifully elevate Emerald Green textiles in our decor, the warmth of these metallics adding to the opulence in any space. Muted hues form an elegant backdrop to Emerald Green fabrics and wall coverings. A pale, muted Blue or Green offers a sophisticated balance alongside this vivid hue, achieving a balanced, fresh look that’s both inviting and chic. The classic contrast of crisp, warm White against the depth of Emerald Green is a combination which ensures that the green pops, bringing a fresh vibrancy to the space that feels modern and timeless.

An Emerald Green wallpapered feature wall becomes a stunning focal point, offering a dramatic backdrop for art, mirrors, and other decor, the design adding layers of visual interest and depth to any room.

Emerald Green furnishing fabrics on upholstery, cushions, and curtains infuse a sense of luxury and comfort. The tactile nature of velvet fabrics adds a layer of richness, making the space even more inviting. For a subtler incorporation through accent pieces, consider Emerald Green fabric for ottomans, lampshades, or scatter cushions. These can serve as pops of colour that tie together the colour palette of the room.


Green Bold Patterned Luxury Wallpaper by Designer, Becca Who

Ways To Create a Statement Interior Featuring Green Textiles

To achieve a cohesive look, it’s essential to consider the balance and distribution of colours within an interior. It is often suggested, and works well, to select one statement feature from which to take inspiration and around which you wish to curate the rest of the interior. One statement piece in Green, whether it’s a plush sofa upholstered in luxurious Green fabric or a patterned wallpaper design, can set the direction aesthetically for the whole room. From there, the colour palette of the space is further accentuated through smaller accents and decorative pieces. Grounding hues can be introduced through paint colours and flooring choices to tie everything together.

Lighting also plays a pivotal role in bringing out the best in this colour scheme. Natural light accentuates the freshness of Green, while softer, warmer light can enhance the luxurious feel, creating an inviting glow at different times of the day.

Incorporating Green into our home decor, whether through bold furnishings fabrics, striking wallpapers, or both, offers endless possibilities for creativity and personal expression. By complementing Green with Blues - or contrasting it with warm earthy tones - you can create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also emotionally resonant, reflecting a deep connection with the natural world.


Green Decor Ideas by Fabric and Wallpaper Designer, Becca Who

Serene, Elegant Decor | How To Feature Light Green Fabrics & Wallpaper

When we aim to create spaces that serve as tranquil retreats from the hustle and bustle of daily life, the colour palette we choose, of course, plays a pivotal role. The integration of Light Green with soft natural hues, muted colours, or the pristine simplicity of fresh warm White, can culminate in a sanctuary of elegance and calm. Whether we choose Green upholstery, curtains or wallpaper, this approach to interior design not only soothes the senses but also elevates the aesthetic appeal of the space, marrying the restorative qualities of nature with an understated sophistication.


Light Green Decor Upholstery fabric by Designer, Becca Who
Pale Green Decor Upholstery Fabric by Designer, Becca Who


Embracing Fresh & Pale Greens in our Home Textiles

Lighter Greens, with their myriad shades, from the softness of sage to the vibrant pulse of lime, evoke a sense of renewal and vitality. Pale Green fabrics and wallpaper offer a restrained elegance, understated yet having such impact within our home interior. When these are the foundation of an interior colour palette, they bring with them an air of serenity and life, reminiscent of a leafy woodland glade or a landscape softly bathed in the light of spring. The choice of light Green, whether as a dominant hue through wall coverings or as an accent in fabrics and accessories, sets the tone for a space that is inherently calming.


Pale Green Floral Fabric for Interiors, Soft Furnishings and Upholstery by Designer, Becca Who

Harmonising Light Green Fabrics & Wallpapers within Interiors

The harmony of fresh and light Greens with soft natural hues and muted colours is like the dance of light and shadow in the forest. Natural hues such as sand, gentle grey, or warm beige, compliment Green’s vitality with their understated grace, grounding the space and bringing a sense of balance and peace. These natural colours are a perfect backdrop to Green upholstered furniture, window treatments or a patterned light Green wallpaper.

Muted colours, on the other hand, such as dusky blues and soft muted peach, add a layer of depth and complexity. These hues do not compete with green; instead, they support and enhance its vibrancy, contributing to a serene and cohesive aesthetic. The combination of these colours creates a visual softness that is inviting and comforting.

Including a fresh warm White in a space which is dominated by green, and accented with natural or muted hues, introduces a breath of freshness and clarity. Warm White, with its subtle undertones of yellow or pink, reflects light and enhances the sense of openness and airiness in the room, allowing the Greens to beautifully stand out. Light neutral hues serve as a backdrop that makes Green fabrics and wallpapers pop, highlighting their textures and patterns, and creating a contrasting yet harmonious space that is both uplifting and relaxing.


Pale Green Decor Upholstery fabric by Designer, Becca Who

Ways To Create a Serene, Elegant Interior Featuring Green Textiles

To achieve this beautifully elegant space, it's essential to balance colour with texture and form. Natural materials like wood, stone, and linen can add warmth and tactility, reinforcing the connection to nature that the colour scheme suggests. The arrangement of furniture and accessories should promote flow and openness, avoiding clutter to maintain a sense of calm.

Lighting, too, is crucial; soft, diffused light enhances the soothing qualities of the chosen palette, while targeted illumination can highlight specific areas or features, adding depth and interest.

Creating a calming and relaxing space through the careful selection of colours and materials is an artful endeavour. By combining fresh and light Greens with considered hues, we can design interiors that are not only visually stunning but also emotionally nurturing, offering a refuge of elegance and peace in our busy lives.


Emerald Green and Pink Decor Ideas by Designer, Becca Who

Green & Pink Textiles in Home Decor | A Vibrant Duo

The combination of Green and Pink in home decor is a bold and increasingly popular choice that captures the imagination and transforms interiors into vibrant, inviting spaces. This pairing juxtaposes the refreshing, natural essence of green with the soft, playful vibrancy of pink, creating an unexpected harmony that speaks to both the heart and the senses. Through the use of fabrics and wallpapers, this dynamic duo can breathe life into any room, from the living area to the bedroom, infusing it with personality and flair.


The Appeal of a Green and Pink Colour Palette

The appeal of Green and Pink lies in their intrinsic connection to the natural world, coupled with a dash of whimsical charm. Green, the colour of foliage and renewal, grounds the space with a sense of calm and continuity. Pink, in it’s array of shades from pastel blush to deep magenta, adds a layer of warmth and whimsy, evoking feelings of joy and creativity. Together, they form a palette that is both comforting and spirited, making it a favourite amongst designers and homeowners alike.


Featuring Green and Pink through Fabrics and Wallpapers

Wallpaper is an excellent medium to showcase the Green and Pink palette. A feature wall with a pattern that combines these colours can become a stunning visual focal point setting the tone for the entire room.

Fabrics play a crucial role in bringing the Green and Pink scheme to life. Think Emerald Green velvet sofas accented with soft Pink cushions, or lush Green curtains paired with Pink upholstered chairs. These textile layers add depth and tactility to the decor, enhancing the visual appeal.

In spaces where neutral colours form the backdrop, Green and Pink can be introduced through accents and accessories. Cushions, a footstool, rugs, throws, and artwork featuring these colours can add pops of vibrancy without overwhelming the space.


Green and Pink Decor Ideas by Fabric and Wallpaper Designer, Becca Who

Styling Tips for Green and Pink Home Decor

Mix and Match Shades: Don't shy away from experimenting with different shades of Green and Pink. A pale sage Green pairs beautifully with dusty rose, creating a soft, pastel ambiance, while a brighter lime green and hot pink can inject a dose of high energy and fun.

Natural Elements: Enhance the organic feel of the Green and Pink palette by incorporating natural elements like wood, stone, and plants. These materials complement the earthiness of Green and the softness of Pink, grounding the decor and adding a layer of richness.

Metallic Accents: Gold, brass, and copper accents can elevate your Green and Pink home decor, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication. Metallic fixtures, frames, and decorative objects serve as the perfect counterpoints to the softness of fabrics and wallpapers.


Green and Pink Decor with Wallpaper by Designer, Becca Who

The Enduring Popularity of Green and Pink in Interiors

The popularity of the Green and Pink combination in home decor is testament to its versatility and emotional resonance. It offers a refreshing break from traditional colour schemes, encouraging personal expression and creativity. As trends evolve, this colour duo remains timeless, adapting to various styles from modern minimalist to eclectic chic. By embracing Green and Pink through fabrics, wallpapers, and thoughtful styling, you can create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also uniquely yours, resonating with vibrancy and life.


Choosing Green Textiles for your Home Interior by Designer, Becca Who

Choosing Green Textiles for your Home Interior

Green remains a timeless, beautiful choice for our home decor, offering a versatility, beauty and positive effect on our senses within a space. If you are feeling inspired to choose Green for your interior, there is a wealth of choice amongst fabrics and wallpapers. Take a look through the Becca Who collections where you will find many shades of Green across the array of patterns on velvet and wallcoverings. A luxury wallpaper or statement fabric can be a key choice from which you can take inspiration for the whole room. 

Explore the available Green Becca Who Velvet Fabrics, where you can choose from an array of designs and colours. 

Take a look through the available Becca Who Wallpapers, where you will find designs with both darker Greens and light Green.



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