Radiant Revelry: Yellow Fabrics for a Sun Kissed Interior

Yellow Fabric Forbidden Fruit in Ochre for Interiors, Upholstery & Furnishings by Designer, Becca Who

Greetings, Design Lovers.

It’s Becca here, happy to be your guide into the vibrant realm of yellow fabrics. Far from being a passing fad, bold yellows in interiors represent a statement in the world of home decor—a celebration of the extraordinary and a rebellion against the mundane! Let's explore how these joyful fabrics can transform your rooms, not just as decorations but as the heart of your space, alive with colour and warmth.

Picture an interior with furnishings bathed in the rich, spicy notes of Turmeric, wrapped in the comforting glow of Mustard, alive with the crisp zest of Lemon, grounded in warmth by Ochre and Sunset Yellow, or illuminated by the sheer vibrancy of Bright Yellow. Such hues on furnishings invite the essence of eternal sunshine into your space, reminiscent of far flung holidays and lazy afternoons under the sun's caress. Yellow fabrics transcend their role as mere colours in a space, taking the spotlight to become the heroes of your decor narrative. For the aficionado well versed in interior design, as well as those on the cusp of their own decor revolution, I invite you to embrace yellow textiles - in upholstery, curtains, and soft furnishings. 


Yellow Fabrics by Designer, Becca Who, in Interior on Footstool and Cushion by Seated Studio

Yellow, in its myriad of incarnations, melds seamlessly with a broad spectrum of interior palettes; paired with earthy textures and tones, it introduces an enveloping warmth to your space. Set against the backdrop of cool, contrasting hues, such as blues, it results in spaces rich with personality and balance. Amidst a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, yellow ensures an interior brimming with expression and vivacious character, whilst against a backdrop of warm white, yellow boldly asserts itself, creating captivating focal points.

Witnessing the enthusiasm for my yellow fabrics has been an inspiring journey. Each vibrant design embraced by customers, fuels my passion for creating textiles that do more than adorn—they enliven spaces with joy and a sense of personal expression. My fascination with the yellow spectrum is not merely a matter of aesthetic preference but a shared celebration of colour's transformative power within our homes. This collective enthusiasm drives me to continually push the boundaries of the yellow palette, ensuring each fabric narrates a tale as enchanting and distinctive as the spaces they adorn. When I’m designing for fabric, every hue is meticulously selected, reflecting my belief that colour possesses the remarkable ability to uplift, inspire, and imbue homes with a distinctive, expressive spirit.

So, let’s recline in the radiance, and let yellow fabrics illuminate our visions for our living spaces. Ready to embark on a colourful decor journey with a joyful palette? Let’s delve into my Yellow Fabrics and some inspiring sunny creations!


Balloon Safari Yellow Fabric by Designer, Becca Who

Unleash the Serengeti: Balloon Safari Velvet in Amber | A Yellow Fabric for Statement Upholstery & Furnishings

Stealing the limelight as the crown jewel of our Yellow Fabrics, my popular Balloon Safari Velvet Fabric in Amber takes centre stage, enchanting us with a design which transports you to the heart of an African adventure!

This Mustard Yellow velvet is filled with my painterly artwork. When creating this design, my aim was to offer an exuberant representation of an African Balloon Safari over the Serengeti. My love of fusing ornament with natural elements in my artwork pays homage to my appreciation for Art Nouveau and I featured touches of ornament in this design to bring opulence and interest. The Amber colour way is a warm Ochre, Mustard Yellow medley of Yellows on velvet, complemented by touches of Teal and contrasted with striking elements of Black. The result of Yellows here is a show stopping fabric that brings an exuberant touch to interiors through furniture and soft furnishings.

 Yellow Fabric Balloon Safari in Amber for Interiors, Upholstery & Furnishings by Designer, Becca Who

Developing the Balloon Safari Fabric Design for Upholstery and Soft Furnishings

As a designer, throughout the artwork creation process, I always consider the end products and how the fabric could enhance various pieces. My approach of an expressive composition, which features symmetry, creates opportunities for focal points on upholstered furniture for the creative upholsterer, whether for an armchair, chaise, ottoman or sofa. I worked to develop a composition which also flows across and down the fabric to result in beautifully dramatic curtains and blinds. I created several smaller focal points within the design for accentuating pieces such as footstools and cushions.

Imagine a statement chair or ottoman adorned with this fabric and the vibrant scene of a breathtaking balloon ride over the Serengeti. Zebras, Elephants, Giraffes, and Lions are majestic amidst ornamental flora, creating a captivating safari panorama for your living space! 

Inspired by a love of art, my designs are intentionally timeless, and Balloon Safari sits well in all styles of interior from contemporary to traditional. The Amber yellow works well alongside all earthy tones, or blues can be the backdrop to this fabric, picking out the Teal elements within the colour way. With the striking black offering contrast in the colour palette, the yellow of Balloon Safari is beautiful in a light, fresh interior of warm white and natural textures.

My design work is driven by aiming to offer ways to express ourselves within our home interiors, creating spaces which reflect our unique personalities and interests, rooms where we feel truly inspired and at home; Choosing this fabric to adorning your favourite reading nook or a statement piece in your living room isn’t just upholstery; it's an expression of your love for adventure, colour, the natural world and expressive design.

 Yellow Balloon Safari Velvet Fabric by Becca Who on upholstered Vintage Cinema Seats by Unseen Icons

Elevating Everyday Furniture: Creative Customer Transformations with Balloon Safari Velvet in Amber

Customers have taken this fabric and transformed their furniture into bespoke statement pieces. Furnishings draped in the Balloon Safari Velvet in Amber become not just functional pieces but talking points. The painterly details and rich hues of this velvet create a visual feast, turning ordinary furniture into extraordinary works of art.

Pictured above, these show stopping Art Deco cinema seats were created by Unseen Icons of Writtle, Essex. Known for their iconic Cinema Seats, Unseen Icons produced these dramatic beauties featuring my Balloon Safari Velvet in Amber. Truly show stopping in an interior, such special pieces of furniture result in memorable spaces, a stunning expression of personality and creativity. 

Sparrow & Plumb of Somerton, Somerset are favourited for their vibrant, colourful pieces  for the home - and this Balloon Safari Velvet Ottoman in Amber, pictured below, is no exception. The placement of the design elements on the piece is beautiful, offering a truly gorgeous way to introduce colour and pattern to an interior living space.

Yellow Fabric Balloon Safari Velvet by Designer, Becca Who on Ottoman from Sparrow & Plumb


Crocodilia Yellow Fabric by Designer, Becca Who

Embrace the River Nile: Crocodilia Velvet in Sunset | A Yellow Fabric which is an Ode to Opulence

Basking in the glow as the next star in our Yellow Fabrics compilation, my Crocodilia Velvet Fabric in Sunset Yellow beckons you into a realm where the hues of the River Nile meet the elegance of Crocodiles, Palms, and DeMoiselle Cranes, surrounding a jewel-like central Scarab Beetle!

This sumptuous velvet fabric is a rich tapestry of warm colours and a decorative celebration of the River Nile.The bejewelled Crocodile eye and my painterly artwork elements are impeccably printed onto the velvet, my aim being to create a fabric which is a memorable, highly original design with that touch of opulence.

The Sunset Yellow colour way takes centre stage in an interior, offering a vibrant and warm palette that elevates home decor, across upholstery and soft furnishings. Whether adorning a sofa, chair, ottoman, footstool, or even a headboard, this is one yellow fabric which is sure to transform ordinary pieces into show stopping furniture with character.

 Crocodilia Sunset Yellow Velvet Fabric by Designer, Becca Who for Upholstery, Curtains & Soft Furnishings

Designing Crocodilia Sunset Yellow Fabric for a Luxurious Interior Journey

Considering the end uses of the fabric, when developing the Crocodilia velvet I thought carefully about the potential of the design for upholstery and soft furnishings. I wanted to offer a highly original design, with a striking composition which invites creative upholsterers to craft focal points on furniture, be it an armchair, chaise, footstool, or sofa. Makers might embrace featuring the main part of the design on a larger area such as a chair back - or positioning the Crocodiles as if they roam up an armrest! These creative touches are those which I really enjoy seeing and which I feel make a piece of furniture something more special and memorable. The expressive composition of Crocodilia, with flora arranged to fan outwards from the centre, is intended to convey a sense of celebration - in repeat, these elements present an opportunity for beautiful, statement curtains and blinds. Artwork elements within the design can also feature well on smaller pieces such as ottomans and cushions.


How to Feature the Crocodilia in Sunset Yellow Fabric in an Interior;

Imagine a favourite old chair adorned with this fabric, given a new lease of life through reupholstery, rich with the wildlife of the River Nile. I always love to see beloved, worn pieces of furniture reupholstered for a new era - inspired by a love of art, my designs are intentionally timeless, making them an effective choice for vintage and antique furniture pieces. With just a hint of my fondness for Art Deco coming through in the composition of this design, Crocodilia sits well in all styles of interiors from traditional, to contemporary and eclectic. Featured in a more traditional setting, Crocodilia offers a quirky touch of the unexpected, bringing a timeless character to the space.

 Furniture or soft furnishings adorned with the Crocodilia Velvet bring a burst of energy within fresh, light interiors with plenty of warm white - whilst the vibrancy of the Sunset Yellow works equally well within bold, colourful rooms. You might choose to feature Crocodilia amongst lush greens in your decor and an abundance of plants, drawing on the green foliage featured within the design - or to compliment the scarlet leaves with other pops of Red in the space. The Sunset Yellow palette brings warmth and vibrancy, making a bold expression of your love for luxurious design inspired by the natural world.

 Yellow Crocodilia Velvet Fabric by Designer, Becca Who upholstered on Rocking Chair by Unseen Icons

Luxurious Transformations: How Customers Elevate Everyday Furniture with Crocodilia Sunset Yellow Fabric

Customers have embraced the Crocodilia Velvet, turning their furniture into bespoke show stoppers. From chairs to ottomans, each piece draped in Sunset Yellow becomes a conversation starter. The  artwork details and rich hues of this velvet create a visual feast, elevating everyday furniture into intriguing works of art. Let the opulence of Crocodilia Velvet weave its magic, turning your living space into a sanctuary of sunlit luxury and timeless elegance.

Pictured above is a stunning Rocking Chair, loving reupholstered by Unseen Icons of Writtle, Essex. Their customer’s beloved chair belonged to her Great Grandmother, a treasured family heirloom given a new lease of life through a vibrant reupholstery, to be enjoyed every day for years to come! Sunset Yellow Velvet was a perfect choice to maintain the many happy memories of a loved one.

Pictured below is a beautiful Ottoman, featuring the Crocodilia Fabric, made by Seated Studio of Sheffield. This gorgeous piece is a fabulous way to add a splash of vibrance to a room.

Yellow Velvet Fabric with Crocodiles by Designer, Becca Who on Ottoman by Seated Studio


Magic Of India Turmeric Yellow Fabric by Designer, Becca Who

Magic Of India Velvet in Turmeric | A Yellow Fabric of Intriguing Beauty

As we journey through my yellow fabric collection, the Magic Of India Velvet Fabric in Turmeric Yellow emerges as a captivating chapter of detailed beauty, weaving together the enchanting wildlife and vibrant flora of India.

This luxury patterned yellow velvet is a celebration of India's rich biodiversity, adorned with my hand drawn artwork featuring the regal Peacock, majestic Bengal Tiger, and gentle Elephants, all nestled amongst intricately detailed paisley elements. The sumptuous Turmeric Orange Yellow backdrop enhances the opulent pattern, creating a design that invites discovery on the plush velvet.

The Turmeric Yellow hue commands attention in an interior, offering a warm and inviting palette that transforms a living space. Whether gracing a sofa, chair, ottoman, footstool, or making a bold statement as curtains or blinds, this velvet fabric promises to elevate ordinary pieces into extraordinary focal points, each telling a tale of India's wild beauty.

 Turmeric Yellow Indian Velvet Fabric by Designer, Becca Who for Upholstery, Curtains and Soft Furnishings

Designing the Magic Of India Fabric for a Luxurious Interior Experience

I did almost all of the drawing for this design outdoors, with my sketchbook and pencils under a sunny sky during summer time. Whilst I immensely enjoy painting digitally to create artwork, returning to my first love of drawing in pencil is always time that I treasure. Drawing the beautiful wildlife of India was a true joy and my intention was to keep the pencil work visible within the design when I moved on to adding colour. It is this pencil detail that I think offers another layer of interest in the fabric.

In creating the Magic Of India Velvet, I envisioned a design that not only celebrates the country's wildlife and flora but also offers those creative opportunities for upholstery and soft furnishings. The composition of the wildlife within intricate tableaux allows for imaginative focal points on furniture, encouraging makers to showcase the majestic Bengal Tigers perhaps prowling on a chair back or to position the Peacock proudly centred on an ottoman lid. These creative touches add a unique layer of memorability to each piece.


How to Feature the Magic Of India Turmeric Yellow Fabric in an Interior;

The repeating elements within the design present a chance for stunning curtains and blinds, turning windows into frames for India's vibrant tapestry. The rich yellow hue and intricate details also lend themselves beautifully to smaller elements like lampshades and cushions, creating a visually stunning interior and a cohesive scheme when paired with a window treatment or upholstered furniture. The Turmeric colour way makes for magical transformations of furniture, cutting a bold statement in an interior.

The Magic Of India Turmeric Yellow fabric beautifully compliments a palette of earthy hues, with the warm Yellow and Reds featured in the design. Wood tones and natural textures, both light and dark, are enhanced in a space by this colour way. Pairing the Turmeric Yellow velvet with deeper Reds such as Burgundy and Claret is particularly striking and adds an air of opulence. One customer had a sofa upholstered in Magic Of India in Turmeric and it is to be pride of place in a rich deep Teal snug, making a striking focal point in the space through the contrasting hues.

Yellow Turmeric Velvet Fabric by Designer, Becca Who in Drinks Cabinet by Monsoon Dragonfly Interiors

Creating Furniture to be Treasured: Creative Customer Transformations with Magic Of India Velvet in Turmeric Yellow

The stunning piece, pictured above and below, was created by Monsoon Dragonfly Interiors of Banstead, Surrey. Monsoon Dragonfly Interiors specialise in sourcing, restoring and reimagining the most stunning furniture pieces. I am always in awe of their unique furniture and especially pleased whenever they feature a Becca Who design. The warm Turmeric Yellow Velvet sits beautifully in this fabulous Drinks Cabinet - a truly special piece to enjoy in a home.

Turmeric Yellow Fabric with Indian Wildlife by Designer, Becca Who in Drinks Cabinet by Monsoon Dragonfly Interiors


Garden Treasures Yellow Fabric by Designer, Becca Who

Garden Treasures Velvet in Citrus | A Yellow Fabric which is a Symphony of Nature's Elegance

In the grand ballet of nature, Garden Treasures takes centre stage, choreographing a dance of Kingfishers and a central Dragonfly fluttering amidst a kaleidoscope of garden flowers. The scene is alive with the whimsy of colourful grasshoppers, infusing a touch of quirkiness into the fabric. My aim was to capture the easy, joyful essence of time spent in a country garden – a treasure trove of wildlife and florals - and to see it impeccably printed onto tactile velvet.

The Citrus Yellow backdrop serves as a radiant canvas, enhancing the bright and light tones that fill this pattern. It's a breath of fresh air for your interior, a burst of sunshine that effortlessly transforms an ordinary space into an extraordinary haven of nature inspired elegance.

 Bright Yellow Patterned Fabric with Dragonflies by Designer, Becca Who

Designing the Garden Treasures Fabric for Upholstery and Soft Furnishings Uses | Inspirations from Art Nouveau

The impressive wings of a Dragonfly are such beautiful detail to capture - armed with pencil and paper as my faithful companions, drawing in my sketchbook was my preferred method to pay homage to these intricate structures. From the outset, I knew that I wanted the Garden Treasures fabric design to encapsulate the boundless freedom of exploring country gardens, all while presenting the artwork in a manner of utmost elegance.

My love for Art Nouveau added a layer of artistic inspiration that breathed life into this design, via organic forms with intricate details in graceful lines. The harmonious blend of inspirations is intended to exude the spirit of exploration, and an overall elegance reminiscent of a bygone era. I wanted to create a fabric which transcends mere upholstery or drapery and transforms interior furnishings into a living, breathing piece of art, bringing the essence of nature into our homes.


How to Feature the Garden Treasures Citrus Yellow Fabric in an Interior;

The impact of this bright Citrus Yellow fabric in a space is fresh and uplifting. With Greens and Coral within the design, the overall palette injects joy and vibrancy into a room. Whether it’s upholstered dining chairs, or a Roman blind, that showcase the playful composition of Kingfishers and Dragonflies, or vibrant cushions to bring a touch of whimsy to your sofa, the bright and light yellow background makes this fabric a versatile choice, seamlessly complementing both traditional and contemporary interiors. Curtains are simply stunning in this fabric and completely transform the feel of a living space.

The light, zesty lemon of Citrus Yellow pairs beautifully with an array of colours, from fresh Greens, to contrasting Blues, warm White or soft Peachy tones picking out the touches of Coral in this fabric. Featured in a darker interior, the Citrus Yellow offers light focal points.

 Bright Yellow Fabric with Dragonfly by Designer, Becca Who on Velvet Cushion by SoSo Designs

Customer Tales: Transforming Everyday Spaces with Garden Treasures Citrus Yellow Fabric

Just as with the previous fabircs, Garden Treasures has been warmly embraced by customers who seek to transform their everyday furniture into bespoke treasures. From charming ottomans to delightful curtains, each project draped in Garden Treasures becomes a captivating conversation piece.

The bright and light yellow hue provides the perfect backdrop for infusing a sense of vitality into your living space. Whether you opt for upholstery, curtains, or soft furnishings, Garden Treasures weaves a tale of nature's elegance, transforming your interior into a sanctuary of timeless beauty.

Pictured above is a beautiful Velvet Cushion made by SoSo Designs of Lancashire. Smaller Soft Furnishings such as scatter cushions can make such a difference in a space, like rays of sunshine! - and this beauty is no exception.

RCJ Concepts of Bradford, West Yorkshire, chose the Garden Treasures Fabric in Citrus Yellow for seating in a bar restaurant, pictured below. Set in the cosy interior of dark wood and low lighting, the Citrus Yellow Fabric shines a light on the seating, offering a striking focal point in the space.

Yellow Velvet Fabric by Designer, Becca Who, on restaurant seating by RCJ Concepts


Rainforest Rush Yellow Mustard Fabric by Designer, Becca Who


Rainforest Rush in Melody, Mustard Velvet | A Yellow Fabric Taking Flight in a Dramatic Harmony

Next we have the opulent world of Rainforest Rush in Melody - a Mustard Yellow patterned velvet that makes a resounding statement in interiors with its expressive homage to the Rainforests and their vibrant avian inhabitants.

In the enchanting chorus of Rainforest Rush, the spotlight shines on Rainforest Birds, their intertwined wings and decorative foliage painting a vivid portrait of the lush realm they call home. My intention was to convey the sudden drama of a flurry of wings in the heady atmosphere of sultry Rainforest heat. This fabric is a canvas filled with painterly artwork, revealing intricate details of bugs and flowers waiting to be discovered – a homage to the richness of Rainforest life.

The Melody colour way of Rainforest Rush is a warm symphony of rich hues, where Rusty Orange and Teal hues vibrantly complement the Mustard Yellow and highlights of Gold. The sumptuous Mustard background adds a layer of warmth, inviting you to bask in Rainforest inspired luxury.

 Yellow Mustard Patterned Velvet Fabric with Rainforest Birds by Designer, Becca Who

Creating the Rainforest Rush Fabric Design: Inspired Placement for Soft Furnishings

In creating the Rainforest Rush artwork, I made a deliberate attempt to create motifs within the design which would be of a size to create impact on soft furnishings and upholstery, bringing creative opportunities for your interiors. The characterful birds are each of a scale which makes for exciting placement on upholstered furniture. The composition forms a striking result on the lengths for curtains and blinds, turning your windows into frames for the lush Rainforest tapestry. For upholstery or small soft furnishings, the fabric design again encourages imaginative placement, creating focal points that echo the drama and vibrancy of Rainforest life!


How to Feature the Rainforest Rush Mustard Yellow Fabric in an Interior;

Whether you envision this fabric adorning your upholstery, curtains, blinds, or cushions, the Mustard Yellow palette promises an exhilarating and opulent design for statement soft furnishings. One of my favourite combinations in an interior is a deep Yellow paired with vibrant Teal Blue and the colours in the Melody palette lend themselves perfectly to this scheme. You might wish to feature the rich Orange hues from the fabric in your interior, or combine it with various Earthy tones for that warm, inviting feel.

 Yellow Fabric with Rainforest Birds by Designer, Becca Who upholstered on Armchair by Andre Upholstery

Luxurious Focal Points | Rainforest Rush Takes Flight in a Beautiful Customer Home

From captivating curtains to statement cushions, each Rainforest Rush piece becomes a conversation starter, infusing homes with the drama and opulence of the Rainforest.

The beautiful armchair pictured above is upholstered in Rainforest Rush Velvet Fabric in Melody, by Andre Upholstery Ltd. of Cheam, London. I absolutely love the impact of this stunning piece in the interior, sitting beautifully with the rich, dark wood and vibrant petrol blue.

Pictured below is a stunning ensemble created by Pigsty Upholstery & Interiors of Shropshire. Beautiful upholstery work has resulted in a joyful Chair and Footstool to be admired and enjoyed in a garden room.

Mustard Yellow Fabric with Rainforest Birds by Designer, Becca Who on Chair and Footstool by Pigsty Upholstery & Interiors


Forbidden Fruit Yellow Fabric by Designer, Becca Who

Forbidden Fruit Velvet in Ochre | A Yellow Fabric of Bold, Serpentine Elegance

Finally, let's venture into the sultry world of Forbidden Fruit in Ochre – a Yellow fabric which beckons the daring and truly promises an infusion of personality and attitude into your living spaces!

For the bold souls and those unafraid to make a statement, Forbidden Fruit Fabric in Ochre Yellow is hard to resist with ripe Pomegranates and soft petals of purple, to reveal Adder snakes intertwining amongst the fruits and flowers. This design is not for the faint hearted, it's a bold narrative that brings Rock & Roll vibes into the heart of your home decor.

Impeccably printed onto tactile velvet, the fabric captures the beautiful detailing of every element, from the lush foliage to the intriguing snakes. It's a visual feast that invites you to explore the unexpected, infusing your interiors with a touch of rebellious elegance.

This Ochre Yellow fabric sets the stage for striking finished products. The rich foliage and vibrant fruits offer pops of colour against the ochre, making the boldest of statements in upholstery, curtains, blinds or accessories.

 Yellow Fabric with Snakes Forbidden Fruit Velvet by Designer, Becca Who

Crafting with Attitude: Designing Forbidden Fruit Fabric for Interiors

As a designer with a love of the extraordinary, I envisioned Forbidden Fruit being a fabric of rebellious charm, making a statement with attitude. Imagine daring curtains that frame the living room with flair or a boldly upholstered chair that becomes a talking point with every visitor. The Forbidden Fruit design is not just an upholstery choice, it's a declaration of personal style and a celebration of the unexpected in your interior space. Whilst admittedly not everyone’s cup of tea, I find that Snakes have a wondrous way of bringing character to an interior, becoming especially irresistible touches when nestled on an arm rest or lurking in the fold of curtains! 


How to Feature the Forbidden Fruit Ochre Yellow Fabric in an Interior;

If you’re choosing this design, you probably have your own very individual ideas of the style you are looking to portray in your interior. I say, embrace your creativity and let loose your personality in your interior! 

 Furniture or soft furnishings adorned with the Forbidden Fruit Ochre Yellow Velvet command the spotlight within fresh, light interiors with lots of warm white - whilst the vibrancy of the Ochre Yellow works equally effectively in darker rooms. You might choose to feature Forbidden Fruit with natural textures and wood, with foliage and plants, picking out the dark green leaves featured within the design. The reds of the pomegranates mean that, set against a rich Burgundy, this colour way relaxes into a more classic atmosphere. 

 Yellow Fabric with Snakes by Designer, Becca Who on Chaise Longue by Seated Studio

Customer Chronicles: Transforming Spaces with Forbidden Fruit

Much like the other Yellow fabrics in my collection, Forbidden Fruit in Ochre has found a home in the hearts of customers seeking to infuse their spaces with rebellious elegance. From daring upholstery to bold curtains, each piece in the Ochre Yellow becomes a captivating focal point, adding a touch of attitude to everyday living. 

Pictured above, Forbidden Fruit fabric in Ochre Yellow has been featured to show stopping effect on this utterly stunning Chaise Longue by Seated Studio, of Sheffield. Such an eye catching piece of furniture is sure to be a focal point in an interior.

And for the grand finale, this truly fabulous Forbidden Fruit Ochre Swivel Chair by Loose Button, of Manchester, is the rockstar taking centre stage in any space. With the contrasting Black Fabric, this piece is an unforgettable example of just how the power of Yellow can steal your heart!

 Yellow Fabric with Snakes Pattern by Designer, Becca Who on Swivel Chair by Loose Button

Embrace Yellow Fabrics for Your Interiors, through Upholstery, Curtains & Soft Furnishings

Yellow fabrics, the vibrant heart of our design journey, usher you into a world of radiant expression. Whether exploring the deeper Mustard hues or the bright Citrus Yellows, each of the Yellows transforms ordinary spaces to house extraordinary focal points, celebrating the captivating effect of yellow fabrics.

I hope that you will experience firsthand the transformative power of Yellows. Are any of the Becca Who Yellow Fabrics calling your name? Visit my Yellow Fabrics Page to take a further look - or order samples from the Fabric Samples Page - and dive deeper into the sunlit world of radiant expression, elevating your interior spaces with the power of Yellow!

Yellow Patterned Fabrics for Interiors by British Designer, Becca Who


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