Designer of Fabric and Wallpaper, Becca Who

About Becca Who

British Designer, Becca Who, creates Statement Fabrics, Luxury Wallpapers and Accessories for Expressive Interiors and Creative Upholstery

Becca Who is a British Designer based in Lancashire, UK, whose dramatic and opulent style is loved by those who enjoy highly decorative, original design. Hand drawn details and painterly strokes, along with a passion for rich colour palettes and touches of the unexpected, effect a visual alchemy on luxurious textiles.

A love of Art, to be expressed and enjoyed in our daily lives

Becca Who embraces a style of fearless beauty, with statement Fabrics, luxury Wallpapers and sumptuous Accessories, as seen in British Vogue and on BBC1. The distinctive style of Becca Who is offered to customers worldwide, with designs on fabrics and wallpapers stocked in stores throughout the UK and across Europe.

Driven by values of inspiring creative expression, bringing more art into our lives through timeless design and encouraging the choosing of products which are made to last - Becca Who has launched Fabric and Wallpaper collections which are an exhilarating array of designs for statement interiors, inspired by the natural world. Opulent designs in rich jewel tones adorn luxurious velvet for soft furnishings and upholstery. Inspiring patterns fill luxury Wallpapers, for beautifully creative interiors. 

British manufacturers and expert craftspeople are carefully selected, sharing the dedication to creating products of the highest standards and offering customers the best experience of beautiful products.

Fabric and Wallpaper Designer, Becca Who, creates patterns from her hand rendered artwork

Discover Becca Who Interiors

Step through the looking glass with Becca Who and immerse yourself in a world where colour and pattern seduce the senses. Moved by a love of art and inspired by the wonders of the natural world, Becca Who creates designs which are not just seen, but are felt. Statement patterned Fabrics and bold luxury Wallpapers beckon you to cloak your space in opulence. 

Imagine interiors rich with textural layers and exquisite details. Picture a home where self expression tells a vibrant story of the lives within.

Let Becca Who ignite your own creative flame, to create spaces where ordinary gives way to stunning.

Designer Velvet Fabric for Upholstery, Curtains & Soft Furnishings by Becca Who

Becca's Inspirations

"My design work is inspired by a lifelong love of art, with my dramatic and opulent style borne out of wide ranging inspirations; A love of Maximalism, alongside fascinations with surrealism and psychedelia, all bring elements of inspiration to my work. I love to embrace the unexpected and I enjoy the originality which comes from combining our own unique inspirations.

I have always enjoyed the more fluid boundaries between ‘Fine Art’ and ‘Design’ of Art Nouveau and the Arts & Crafts Movement; These inspirations can be seen in my desire to create highly decorative work, richly layered and detailed designs of elegant composition, expressing the natural world in an ornamental way whilst conveying of the many moods of nature. I take much inspiration from enjoying the outdoors in the beautifully bleak and wild Lancashire landscape which surrounds my studio – an atmospheric land steeped in history, folklore and changing moods."

"I’ve studied various aspects of Art and Design, from Textiles to Fine Art, and Art History. My higher education was to specialise in Graphic Design, which saw the beginning of my use of digital techniques. Combining a love of Fine Art and the traditional methods of drawing and painting, with current technology and techniques of digital painting, lends itself well to my design approach; I enjoy applying traditional painting techniques using digital tools – and this way of working allows me a flexibility and freedom which proves useful in the design process.

Being passionate about art and the benefits it brings to us, it’s always my aim to bring more art into our surroundings and everyday lives. I have taken my artistic approach into design, hoping to encourage people to invest in creative, timeless design for their interiors. This ‘slow movement’ of buying things to last is important to me as an intrinsic part of us appreciating creative skills, whilst being considerate of our environment and reducing our impact on the planet. The manufacturers and craftspeople with whom I work, share these values in offering a high quality customer experience and products which will stand the test of time. I love that my products become a part of the creative processes of others - whether it be through upholstery, sewing, bespoke furniture or interior design - to create something special, to be treasured and enjoyed.

My aims with the Becca Who brand are to offer a highly original style, distinctive designs of fearless beauty, for a love of art to be expressed and enjoyed in our daily lives." - Becca