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Becca Who Pattern Designer

Becca Who is a British Designer based in Lancashire, UK, whose dramatic and opulent style is loved by those who enjoy highly decorative, original design. Hand drawn details and painterly strokes, a passion for rich colour palettes and touches of the unexpected, effect a visual alchemy on luxurious textiles.

Here at Becca Who, we are the home of Fearless Beauty with statement Fabrics, show-stopping Homeware and sumptuous accessories. We offer the distinctive style of Becca Who to customers worldwide, with designs on fabrics and wallpapers stocked in stores throughout the UK and across Europe.

Driven by values of inspiring creative expression, bringing more art into our lives through timeless design and encouraging the choosing of products which are made to last - whether by selecting quality hand finished products or by bringing a new lease of life to a beloved piece through new upholstery. 

Becca Who has launched fabric collections which are an exhilarating array of designs for statement interiors, inspired by the natural world. Opulent designs in rich jewel tones adorn luxurious velvet for soft furnishings and upholstery. Luxury Wallpapers, hand finished Velvet Cushions and Lampshades are amongst the highly original pieces offered to elevate an interior.

Our carefully selected British partners, suppliers and expert craftspeople share our dedication to creating products of the highest standards, offering customers the best experience of beautiful products.

Designer Becca Who creates nature inspired pattern

Fabric design by Becca Who
"Art and design have captivated me since I was a very young child. Drawing was always a form of escapism and expressing creativity has always brought so much to me personally that I want to encourage others to explore and enjoy their own creativity - whether that's through selecting bolder fabric designs for their projects, creating a home with colourful, happy vibes or adding artistic flair to an outfit with a vibrant silk scarf!

Having enjoyed years of practice and study in areas of Fine Art, Textiles and Graphic Design, I combine traditional and digital methods of creating artwork to achieve the results I am looking for. I create with a focus on freely expressing through art, choosing colour and decoration as channels of fearless beauty and originality. Designing brings endless excitement for me and I love to work with beautiful materials to bring more art into the home and wardrobe. Inspiring others to embrace works of art within design - and to choose timeless products which they can cherish for many years - is what I find the most rewarding.

I would describe my signature style as designs which are expressive and highly decorative, of rich colour palettes and with a sense of intrigue - elegance with a plot twist! A love of Maximalism equal to my love of drawing, alongside fascinations with surrealism and psychedelia, all bring diverse elements of inspiration to my work. I have an appreciation for Art Nouveau and the works of the Arts & Crafts Movement, whilst embracing the unexpected and originality which comes from combining our own diverse inspirations. My designs often centre around nature, including much wildlife and florals. I take inspiration from enjoying the outdoors in the beautifully bleak and wild Lancashire landscape which surrounds my studio – an atmospheric land steeped in history, folklore and changing moods." - Becca

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Becca Who is a Designer of Fabric and Wallpaper