Calculate Number of Wallpaper Rolls

Before You Begin...
If you would like advice on working out the number of rolls needed for your space, we are here to help. Ensure firstly that you have all of the measurements noted down for each wall and that they are correct. Contact us Here and we will calculate your needs based on the information you provide.

Calculate Number Of Wallpaper Rolls Required:

Each of our Wallpapers are 10 Metres long, with a width of 52cm.
Pattern repeat is the distance between 2 matching design elements on a roll of wallpaper. This distance helps to determine how many rolls you will need. Pattern Repeats for Becca Who Wallpapers are 52 cm or 68 cm depending on your chosen design. You will find the pattern repeat of your chosen design detailed on the product page – but for ease, know that all of our designs are a 52cm pattern repeat with the exception of Swan Song which is a 68cm pattern repeat. You will use these values in your calculation;
1. Measure the Wall
First, you will need to carefully measure each wall that you want to paper. Measure the width and the height in centimetres. If there are multiple walls with the same heights, you can add the widths together - if they are different heights, you will need to work out one wall at a time.
Wall A) 450cm width x 240cm height.
Wall B) 360cm width x 200cm height

2. Divide to work out Drops
You can now divide your wall widths by your wallpaper width (52cm) to work out how many drops you need.
Wall A) 450cm / 52cm = 8.65. Always round up to a whole number = 9 drops.
Wall B) 360cm / 52cm = 6.92. Round up = 7 drops.

3. Multiply
Next you will need to multiply the number of drops by the wall height.
Note this value down – it is the drops x height value.
If multiple walls, as in this example, add these values together to get the total drops x height value;
Wall A) 9 drops x 240cm height = 2160cm.
Wall B) 7 drops x 200cm height = 1400cm.
2160 + 1400 = 3560 cm

4. Pattern Repeat
To work out the pattern repeat allowance, you need to add a pattern repeat allowance for each drop, apart from the first one. So, take the number of drops you calculated for each wall and deduct 1 drop;
Wall A) 9 drops – 1 = 8 pattern repeats.
Wall B) 7 drops -1 = 6 pattern repeats.

Use the pattern repeat of your chosen design to work out the additional value(s) required; Here we will use 52cm which is the case for most of the designs; (If your chosen design is Swan Song, please use 68 cm.)
Wall A) 8 x 52 cm = 416 cm
Wall B) 6 x 52 cm = 312 cm

Note this value down as the Pattern Repeat value.
If multiple walls, as in this example, add these values together to get the total Pattern Repeat value:
416 + 312 + 728 cm

5. Add Your Totals Together
Add your totals together which will tell you the total meterage you require to cover your walls.
Total drops x height + Total pattern repeat value
3560 + 728 = 4288 cm

Divide this number by the roll length of 1000 cm (10 Metres) to work out how many rolls you need. Round up to the next whole number for the number of required rolls.
4036 / 1000cm (10 metres) = 4.28. Part rolls are not available, so round this up to 5 rolls required.