Inspiration for choosing statement fabrics for upholstery and soft furnishings, featuring luxury wallpapers in your space and creating beautiful, expressive interiors.

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How To Create Stunning Coastal Interiors featuring Captivating Soft Furnishings and Upholstery Fabrics

How To Create the Most Stunning Coastal Interior - Featuring Captivating Soft Furnishings and Upholstery

The best coastal interiors evoke tranquility, elegance, and the powerful natural beauty of the ocean. Discover how to create your coastal haven.

How to Choose Designer Fabrics For Your Living Space: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn of the benefits of choosing designer fabrics, what you can expect from the quality, and how to select colours and patterns to best compliment your interior design scheme.
How To Choose Designer Fabrics for Interiors
Art Deco Inspired Wallpaper Deco Swan by Designer, Becca Who

Art Deco Inspired Wallpaper: Deco Swan by Designer, Becca Who

In the realm of interior design, a fusion of history and modern aesthetics often leads to captivating creations that transcend time. Deco Swan is a luxury designer wallpaper which takes... Read More

Feature Wall Wallpaper; Unleashing Fearless Drama in Your Living Room

How to create an opulent and beautiful living room, with Bengal Rose Garden - a Luxury Designer Wallpaper by Becca Who
Feature Wall Wallpaper in Navy Blue, Bengal Rose Garden by UK Designer, Becca Who
Luxury Upholstery Fabric Inspired by Nature with Crocodiles on Green Velvet by Designer Becca Who

Luxury Upholstery Fabrics Inspired by Nature: Bringing the Outdoors Into Your Home Interiors

Let’s explore how luxury upholstery fabrics inspired by nature can transform your home decor, adding a touch of elegance and a breath of fresh air to your interior design.

Making a Statement with Leopard Wallpaper: Roaring Style for your Interior

How to transform your home with Leopard Wallpaper to make a majestic statement in your interior. Unleash the wild whilst creating a harmonious and opulent space
Leopard Wallpaper in Navy and Gold in bathroom by Designer Becca Who
Pink Bedroom Ideas Beautiful Fabric and Wallpapers from Designer Becca Who

Pink Bedroom Ideas for Every Style | Fabric & Wallpaper

A timeless and popular choice for bedroom interiors, pink is a colour which offers a myriad of possibilities. Let’s take you through a curated selection of fabrics and wallpapers that embody an array of pink hues and the various moods they can create.

Designer Fabrics for Curtains: Four Inspirational Choices

Designer Fabrics for Curtains can be a focal point in beautiful, statement interiors. Learn how to choose a fabric design which adds character and compliments the space.
Designer Fabrics for Curtains Amazon Patterned Velvet in Jade by Becca Who
Colourful Fabrics for Interiors, Upholstery and Soft Furnishings by Designer, Becca Who

Colourful Fabrics for the Home: Embracing Joyful Patterns for Curtains, Upholstery and Soft Furnishings

Choosing colourful fabrics for upholstery, curtains, blinds, and soft furnishings in your interior is an art form which allows for expression and creativity. Transform your interior with vibrant textiles.

How to Choose Wallpaper for a Living Room: A Comprehensive Guide

Elevate Your Living Room with Designer Wallpapers.

Navy Wallpaper For Living Room by Designer Becca Who