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Take a breathtaking trip through the skies above the Serengeti in this exhilarating design on Velvet Fabric

NEW Luxury Dressing Gowns Collection

Wrap yourself in the rich, alluring prints of Becca Who. Luxury Ladies & Mens Lightweight Dressing Gowns.
Becca Who Designer Luxury Dressing Gowns
Becca Who Fabric and Wallpaper Designs of colourful pattern for home decor

Colourful Decor Inspirations

8 Tips for transforming uninspiring interiors into a joyful space with colour!

Boudoir Of Dreams

I've created the Boudoir Of Dreams feature for you, for ideas on choosing from my wallpapers to create your perfect bedroom or dressing room, including colour palettes and mood boards for inspiration.
Boudoir Interior Inspiration with Designer Wallpaper by Becca Who