Inspired by the idea of a Balloon Safari over the Serengeti, this design is filled with African wildlife set amongst ornamental flora. In palettes of rich jewel tones, this opulent design aims to bring an air of luxurious drama to any interior.

The Balloon Safari artwork was originally sketched by hand and then painted digitally, with background flora elements inviting depth and a sense of discovery. Choose from four stunning colour ways.

Available on Velvet by the Metre, suitable for all Soft Furnishings and Upholstery uses. Whether curtains, cushions, blinds or upholstered furniture, Balloon Safari is sure to add something special and to enchant in your space.

Becca Who Fabric Design Balloon Safari in Ruby Claret on Velvet

The Ruby colour way is a harmonious mix of Claret with Pinks, highlights of Gold and bursts of warm Orange contrasted with cool Blue-Greens.

Becca Who Fabric Design Balloon Safari is a luxurios and opulent Velvet

The Emerald colour way is a stunning mix of Emerald and deep greens, complimented beautifully by hues of Violet.

Becca Who Fabric Design for Upholstery uses on Velvet

The Amber colour way is a beautifully warm ochre yellow, complimented by Teal. and contrasted with striking elements of Black.

Becca Who Fabric for Soft Furnishings and Upholstery on luxurious Velvet by the metre

The Sapphire colour way is a rich combination of deep Blue, Claret and Greens with highlights of Gold.


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