Mission and Values

As a Designer, and the Director at Becca Who Ltd, my aim is to offer artistic and timeless textiles that celebrate the natural world, inspiring creativity and bringing more art into everyday spaces. My ethos is rooted in producing textiles that are not only durable and beautiful but also environmentally responsible and ethically made.


Environmental Stewardship

Together with my carefully selected manufacturers, our commitment to the environment is demonstrated through production processes as meticulous as the hand drawn artwork from which the products develop. Utilising state of the art digital printing technology, it is ensured that the Becca Who textiles are produced with minimal environmental impact. 

The printing technologies used not only reduce CO2 emissions significantly but also decrease our carbon footprint, compared to traditional printing methods, using less water and energy. Our printing processes are precision based, reducing the material waste typical of traditional methods - crucially, by printing all fabrics, wallpapers, and wall art to order, we actively minimise waste and promote sustainable consumption practices.

Becca Who Fabrics are produced using dye sublimation, recognised as an environmentally friendly printing method due to its resource efficiency and minimal ecological impact. This process eliminates the need for water, significantly minimises waste and is non toxic, completely avoiding volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The inks used enhance durability and extend the lifespan of the fabric and in turn, bonding with the fibres to support the full recycling of the fabric at the end of it’s use. These attributes collectively affirm dye sublimation as a sustainable printing option that aligns with eco-friendly practices.

Becca Who fabric designs are intentionally timeless to encourage customers to choose items which are to be enjoyed for a lifetime. With a distinct drive to inspire re-upholstery and durable upholstered furniture to stand the test of time, the aim is to encourage more sustainable choices and reduced consumption, in a bid to lessen our impact on the planet. 

Becca Who Wallpapers are all from an FSC approved supply and all utilise HP Latex eco-friendly water-based inks which are notably low in VOCs and free from harmful heavy metals. My wallpaper manufacturer is a member of HP Planet Partners which is the #1 printer supplies recycling program in the industry and all paper offcuts, packaging, documents and damaged wallpaper are recycled. The future plans for our manufacturer to become the most ecologically friendly wallpaper printing company in the industry, and to run entirely on green energy and achieve a carbon-neutral status by 2030, mirror my own dedication to continual environmental improvement.


Social Responsibility

In alignment with our social responsibilities, I welcome engaging actively with local communities. This involvement extends from volunteer work aimed at youth empowerment and social inclusion, to collaborating with a local mental health charity to support both awareness and fundraising efforts. These initiatives are part of my broader goal to contribute positively to our community and to demonstrate the impactful role that creativity can play in societal wellbeing.


Supply Chain Integrity

Becca Who supply chains for fabric and wallpaper consist of Lancashire, UK, based manufacturers who uphold high standards of environmental and ethical responsibility. These manufacturers each deliver consistently high quality products and engage in stringent quality management procedures. Becca Who fabrics and wallpapers are subject to strict quality control procedures throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that products are inspected at numerous stages to maintain the very high standards.


Sustainability in Operations

I strive to ensure that sustainability is a cornerstone of all in-house operations at Becca Who Ltd. This includes utilising fabric offcuts and recycling all paper waste, including damaged goods and packaging, in compliance with UK and EU legislation.


Future Commitments

As an evolving company, my goal is to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future by embracing social responsibility in all aspects of my business. My inspirations and love of the natural world drive my ongoing efforts to respect and care for our planet and wildlife. I remain committed to enhancing our practices and I am exploring more environmentally friendly products and ways to make contributions to larger environmental sustainability initiatives.

Becca Shaw - Director, Becca Who Ltd