British Designer, Becca Who, showcasing her Wallpaper Collection

If you follow me on social media, you'll already know of my current excitement around Wallpapers and that I’m thrilled with the reception to my new Wallpaper Collection!

The collection is definitely a tale of two halves; Heady patterns in my favourite rich jewel tones, glamour and drama from the darker palettes – alongside the charm of soft, dreamy hues and elegant patterns.

Whether dark glamour is your thing, rich colours or sophisticated pastels, I hope that my collection offers you the ingredients for an interior scheme which is something special!

I've created the Boudoir Of Dreams feature below for you, for ideas on choosing from my wallpapers to create your perfect bedroom or dressing room, including colour palettes and mood boards for inspiration. Enjoy!


Designer Wallpaper from Becca Who, Designer

Becca Who Blog Feature

The Boudoir has always been a place of retreat, devoted to relaxing and taking time out for ourselves. Whether you prefer light tranquil elegance to unwind, or a darker decadent cocoon of luxury - I wanted to offer inspirations for you to create your very own special space. Wallpaper is a key element, whether rich colour palettes or gentle soft hues, this intimate space is all about being you..
Below are just a few ways that you can take inspiration from a beautiful Wallpaper in your interior.

Opulent interior bedroom scheme with Wallpaper by Becca Who

Rich in colour and pattern, the Swan Song Masquerade boudoir is a space which seduces the senses with luxurious fabrics of silk and velvet, sensual colours and indulgent pattern. Touches of ravishing raspberry pink compliment dark plum, colliding with softest, muted pink and grey for unbridled, passionate decor. Decadent lighting, an opulent display of flowers and heady fragrance all add to your seductive, atmospheric glamour.

Pastel Bedroom Interior with Becca Who Wallpaper

Beautiful details amongst a calming backdrop offer your dream atmosphere of tranquility and comfort. The Garden Treasures Pink Pearl boudoir offers the pretty prints that you can’t resist, as a feature wall amongst soothing palest blush hues. Soft cotton sheets, a velvet headboard and a fluffy faux fur rug are your chosen textures in which to unwind. Soft lighting catches the sparkle of the wallpaper in your space of charm and serenity.

Bold and colourful bedroom decor ideas by Becca Who

Your dream boudoir is as confident and bold as you like to feel! Garden Treasures in Starlight brings the colour and impact that you love to play with, whilst remaining pretty on the wall. Complimented by pops of blue, green and pink, your space is one of fun and personality with bold Wall Art and a statement ceiling being the perfect way to revel in your love of show-stopping decor!

Becca Who elegant bedroom decor in muted pinks

It’s elegance of the highest order in your dream interior with Swan Song in Ballerina. You love a graceful space with a classic feel, with antique furniture and period features resulting in a refined harmony. Beautiful hues are soft and muted, amongst luxurious textiles for a space which is truly your haven.

Did you see your Dream Boudoir? My new Wallpaper Collection offers an array of designs and colour ways to create a space that is just for you. Why not take a look at the full range of Becca Who Wallpapers. Samples are available to buy on my Samples Page.


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