There are so many fun ways to bring colour and personality to your decor for a creative and refreshed result. Enjoy my 8 Tips for transforming uninspiring decor into a joyful space!

Having created all of my Fabric and Wallpaper designs from my hand rendered artwork, I couldn't be happier to see them so creatively featured in your beloved homes! Be sure to tag me on social media with any of your projects @beccawhodesigner 

 Designer Statement Wallpaper by Becca Who

Completely transform a space simply by featuring a statement Wallpaper on just one wall area. Pick out colours from the Wallpaper design and choose muted versions for complimenting painted walls / woodwork. Highlight the more vibrant colours of the design through accessories. A statement Wallpaper above a dado rail can be fabulous for a smaller living room, inside alcoves or arches - or full coverage in a cloakroom can create a rich and dramatic impact. Seen above is my Aviana Wallpaper in Gala, with Crocodilia in River and Aviana in Honey below;

Designer Wallpapers by Becca Who

Reupholstered Cinema Seats with Becca Who fabric

Here is where things can get most exciting - Bring personality, colour and interest your interior by having that special heirloom piece re-upholstered in a bold fabric design. A beloved piece can become a work of art with creative upholstery. I had to show you these fabulous vintage cinema seats, created by Unseen Icons of Writtle, Essex, using my Eden Velvet in Lagoon, (above) and Garden Treasures Velvet in Scarlet (below). Harry & The Beagle of Lincolnshire created the fabulous Wingback Chair in my Ocean Treasures Velvet. 

Upholstered Furniture in Becca Who Designer Fabric

Gallery Wall Art Prints by Becca Who

Create a Gallery Wall which includes key colours that you would like to emphasise in the space. Painting a colour on one wall can make a real focal point in a space - you decide how bold you want to go! Perhaps choose a colour which compliments the main colour of your furnishings, or opt for a muted version of this hue. Position your Wall Art Gallery on the accent wall to add interest and create impact.

Wall Art Prints by Becca Who

Velvet Roman Blinds in Becca Who Fabric

A beautiful way to display patterned fabric, Roman Blinds also make the most of the space in your room being a compact alternative to curtains. Feature Roman Blinds to bring in colour and to create contrast. This stunning set (above) were created with my Garden Treasures Velvet in Squash by The House Company of Tunbridge Wells. The fabulous blinds below were created by Swankies Of Colne using my Crocodilia Velvet and Eden Velvet.

Roman Blinds in Becca Who Designer Fabric

Upcycling with Designer Wallpaper by Becca Who

Fabulous results can be achieved when upcycling a furniture piece with a striking Wallpaper. If you're looking to create a completely unique piece for your space - whether you enlist a professional or get creative yourself - this is an exciting way to add colour to a room. The jaw dropping piece above was created by Olive and Whyte of South Wales with my Garden Treasures Wallpaper in Starlight, with the below stunning pieces by Geo & Flora of London - with my Leopard Luxe Wallpaper in Navy & Gold and Swan Song Wallpaper in Masquerade.

Upcycled Furniture with Designer Wallpaper by Becca Who

Statement Curtains with Designer Fabric by Becca Who

Adorning the windows with a statement fabric will transform the aesthetic of the whole room and bring in more colour.  Elevate your space with a pelmet and trims. Velvet curtains are especially luxurious, creating drama as well as adding warmth. This beautiful set above was made by David Petherbridge Upholstery of Leigh On Sea, with my Garden Treasures Velvet in Jet, whilst the below are by Imagine Soft Furnishings of Beverley, Yorks with Garden Treasures in Indigo.

Designer Velvet Curtains in interior with Becca Who fabric

Colourful Cloakroom Decor with Becca Who Wallpaper

Adding a bold paint colour can give such a striking result. A statement ceiling is a fabulous way to add atmosphere to a space - When pairing with Wallpaper, take your lead from the colours in the design, select your favourite hue and choose either a lighter, darker, brighter or muted version to compliment in paint. Creating contrast with painted woodwork can have glamorous results.

Designer Wallpaper by Becca Who in colourful interiors

For the final flourishes, choose colourful accessories to carry your chosen colours throughout the space. Whether it's a statement Lampshade, Scatter Cushions, Candles or Rugs, these are some of the ways that you can tie the colours together and put emphasis where you want it. Pick up some Silk Flowers and Dinner Candles to elevate your space with the most vibrant colours.


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