Bold Designer Fabric with Leopards for Statement Furnishings

An Opulent Leopard Design on Velvet Fabric for Interiors

If you are looking to elevate your interior space with a touch of wild sophistication, the Leopard Luxe Designer Fabric is the epitome of opulence on sumptuous velvet. Designed and made in Britain by Becca Who, the hand rendered artwork brings a unique blend of exotic charm and timeless elegance to your home decor, whether chosen for upholstered furniture, curtains or other soft furnishings.

 Bold Leopard Fabric for Upholstery and Soft Furnishings by Designer Becca Who

Versatility Redefined with Leopard Luxe Designer Fabric for Interiors

Creative end uses are naturally at the forefront of the design process when it comes to Becca Who fabrics. Not only are painterly strokes and hand drawn lines reproduced impeccably through high quality printing, but the layout of each design is carefully crafted to offer the best results in interiors. This is where a designer fabric sets itself apart, through the combined artistic flair and carefully considered development. The aim when producing the artwork is to offer a stunning focal point when positioned on furniture through upholstery - whilst an exquisite composition flowing beautifully down the lengths and widths is always the aim for drapery. 


Leopard Upholstery Fabric by Designer Becca Who

Unique Upholstery with Leopard Luxe Velvet Fabric

Focal points in the artwork make for interesting placement on furniture pieces, where upholsterers can plan and work creatively to produce something unique. Elements in the design are of a scale which make features of the artwork on the various parts of a piece of furniture; Whether it’s a radiant fan of palms showcased at the top of a chair back, a pair of lazing Leopards on a seat pad, or elegant leaping Leopards centred on an ottoman lid, the Leopard Luxe fabric design affords creativity in it’s use for beautifully original upholstery.


Leopard Bold Curtain Fabric by Designer Becca Who

Dramatic Window Treatments with Leopard Luxe Velvet Fabric

The Leopard Luxe fabric was always intended to result in stunning, dramatic curtains and blinds. The luxury of velvet endures as a popular choice in drapery, and Leopard Luxe fabric offers a designer window treatment which makes a fabulous statement in an interior scheme. The design composition is key here to offering an arrangement of artwork elements which flows beautifully in all directions on the fabric. The scale of the design has been carefully considered to ensure a striking result, both when curtains are drawn open and when closed. 

Roman blinds are another popular window treatment for which Leopard Luxe fabric offers something special. Again the composition lends itself to a beautiful display of artwork centred on a Roman blind for the ultimate focal point within a space.


Unveiling the Leopard Luxe Design in 3 Rich Colour Palettes

Leopard Luxe captures the essence of majestic leopards amidst ornamental foliage and gold palms - on a classic Navy Blue, lush deep Green, or luxurious Black. This sumptuous designer fabric is a true statement in an interior, which transforms any space into a sanctuary of glamour. When creating the design, Becca's aim was to convey the majesty of the beloved Leopard; This is achieved through the use of rich, deep colours complemented by highlights of gold, all set on luxe velvet, making a significant impact.


Green and Gold Fabric for Upholstery and Soft Furnishings by Designer Becca Who

Leopard Luxe Designer Fabric in Green & Gold | Regal Calm

Leopard Luxe fabric in Green and Gold offers a regal colour combination, bringing a touch of exotic opulence on soft velvet. Green endures as a popular choice in interiors, bringing a sense of calm and serenity, whilst making for an opulent choice when paired with gold. The deep green in this design coordinates well with lighter, muted greens, blues, teal, neutral hues or contrasting warm colours such as plum, deep coral or earthy tones. Greens also effortlessly combine with natural elements and materials within our home decor. The gold elements within the Leopard Luxe Fabric bring a regal touch, with the elegant artwork making for striking upholstery, dramatic curtains or other soft furnishings. This Green and Gold velvet fabric is truly a stunning choice for spaces in which we love to feel that sense of luxurious relaxation and calm.


Black and Gold Fabric for Upholstery and Soft Furnishings by Designer Becca Who

Leopard Luxe Designer Fabric in Black & Gold | Statement Elegance

Leopard Luxe fabric in Black & Gold offers a bold statement - a captivating velvet fabric that exudes timeless elegance. The depths of rich black create a canvas of classic opulence, and makes this a versatile choice for a variety of interior styles. Black effortlessly pairs with a spectrum of colours, and the touches of blue, green, and red within this colour way add intrigue and depth to the palette. Imagine the grandeur of an upholstered piece - or Leopard Luxe statement curtains. This velvet fabric elevates soft furnishings to a new level of luxurious comfort, bringing a sense of drama and refinement to your living space.

Coordinate the Black and Gold colour way with lighter blues, greens, teal, or greys, for a chic and modern look, or embrace more bold colours within the space to ramp up the wow factor of the room. Whether chosen for upholstery, curtains, roman blinds, or other soft furnishings, the Black & Gold Leopard Luxe fabric is an exquisite choice.


Navy Blue and Gold Fabric for Upholstery and Soft Furnishings by Designer Becca Who

Leopard Luxe Designer Fabric in Navy Blue & Gold | Classic Opulence

Leopard Luxe in Navy Blue and Gold offers a striking velvet fabric, in a timelessly popular colour choice for interiors. Navy blue brings a classic feel to a space, coordinating well with lighter blues, greens, teal, neutral hues or contrasting warm colours such as mustard or rust. A navy blue fabric sits beautifully amongst greens and is stunning in an interior scheme when paired with lots of plants and greenery, as well as natural materials such as wood floors and furniture. The gold elements within the Leopard Luxe Fabric add that glamorous touch, bringing excitement and personality to a space. 

Bringing both the calming effect of a classic blue, combined with the opulence of gold, this Navy Blue and Gold colour way is a perfect choice for a living room or dining room, whether for luxurious upholstery, statement curtains or other soft furnishings.


Coordinating Fabric and Wallpaper with Leopards by Designer Becca Who

Coordinating with the Leopard Luxe Luxury Designer Wallpaper

For those who crave a cohesive and harmonious interior, our Leopard print velvet fabric coordinates seamlessly with the Leopard Luxe Luxury Wallpaper in Navy & Gold. Imagine a space where your furnishings and walls dance in perfect harmony, creating a truly immersive and luxurious atmosphere.


Timeless Fabrics for Glamorous Bold Soft Furnishings by Designer Becca Who

A Timeless, Quality Fabric - an Artistic Statement to be Enjoyed in Your Interiors

Designed and made in Britain, Becca Who fabrics reflect a commitment to quality and excellence for your interiors, offering unique patterns and colour palettes that set them apart from mass-produced fabrics, crafted with exceptional attention to detail and quality.

 All Becca Who Designer Fabrics feature original hand rendered artwork, transformed into statement patterns for beautifully expressive interiors. Carefully developed, Becca Who fabrics offer exceptional artwork details, scale and composition for effective use in interior projects.

The artisanship which goes into every design is honoured by high standards of manufacture and service. Becca Who Fabrics are produced by a leading UK manufacturer, with quality being of the utmost importance, resulting in sumptuously tactile, durable velvets with impeccable print details and rich depth of colour. The velvet fabric is soft to touch, whilst a Martingale score of 50,000 offers a durability to stand the test of time in a heavy domestic or commercial setting. Flame Retardant treatment is available for upholstery uses.

 Whether it’s for Upholstery, Curtains, Blinds or Soft Furnishings, the aim is to ensure long lasting results with beautiful fabrics, for finished pieces to be enjoyed in interiors as a timeless artistic statement.

Take a look at the House Of Who Fabric Collection for Interiors by Becca Who and explore Leopard Luxe and an array of statement fabric designs. 


Request Fabric Samples of Leopard Luxe Velvet

We recommend selecting samples of any designs which you are interested in, prior to ordering metres. Samples allow you to closely see and feel the qualities of the fabric, assess the colours and see how it will sit with other colours in your space. You can also take a look at the size of the artwork elements within the design, for planning your use of the fabric. Samples can also be useful when choosing complimenting trims or paint colours and soft furnishings to complete an interior scheme.

Visit our Fabric Samples Page to select yours.


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