Effortless Elegance: How to Design a Chic Pink Bedroom with Fabrics and Wallpapers

A timeless and popular choice for bedroom interiors, pink is a colour which offers a myriad of possibilities. Here we'll immerse ourselves in a world of pink bedroom ideas, embracing the subtle serenity of blush, the gentle allure of muted dusky pinks, the delicate sweetness of candy pink, and the passionate drama of fuchsia. Let’s take you through a curated selection of fabrics and wallpapers that embody an array of pink hues and the various moods they can create.

How to feature Pink in Bedroom Decor

Discover how to infuse your chosen shade of pink into your bedroom, harmonising it seamlessly with various design elements and styles. Whether you're drawn to modern minimalism, classic elegance, a whimsical and romantic ambiance, or a striking, bolder beauty, here are many tips and suggestions to help you to harness the power of pink to create a truly enchanting sanctuary.
Explore the many possibilities of pink bedrooms, unveiling how this timeless colour can bring forth a sense of tranquility, passion, or playfulness to your space, from the gentle blush of dawn to the vibrant intensity of a summer sunset.

Enjoy a look through our suggestions of Pink Wallpapers and Fabrics for Bedroom Interiors;

Pink Wallpaper Ideas

Garden Treasures in Dusty Rose Pink – English Country Floral Wallpaper

Pink Bedroom Ideas Garden Treasures in Dusky Pink English Country Floral Wallpaper

Transform your bedroom into an enchanting English country escape with the Garden Treasures in Dusty Rose - English Country Floral Wallpaper. This wallpaper captures the essence of a summer garden, radiating a carefree charm that transports you to beautiful sun-filled days surrounded by nature's wonders.

The soft colour palette, with dusty rose as the background, creates a vintage feel that pairs beautifully with touches of pinks, soft greens, and silvery grey. Embrace the classic ambiance by coordinating this wallpaper with soft pinks, greens, neutral greys, or white in your bedroom decor.

The luxurious pearlescent finish of the wallpaper adds a touch of elegance, casting a gentle glow and creating a haven of beauty in your space. Complement the wallpaper with floral-inspired accessories, such as cushions, throws, and artwork, to complete the harmonious English country look.

Aviana in Bouquet Pastel with Pinks – Luxury Vintage Style Wallpaper

Pink Bedroom Ideas Aviana Vintage Style Patterned Wallpaper in Pastel

Create a serene and charming atmosphere in your bedroom with the Aviana in Bouquet Pastel - Luxury Vintage Style Wallpaper. Inspired by the beauty of the countryside, this wallpaper showcases a delightful country floral design, adorned with dainty birds and elegant florals. It's the perfect choice to enhance cottage decor or bring a touch of country style to your interior.

The Bouquet Pastel colour palette exudes a vintage feel, featuring soft pinks and greens on an elegant ivory background. The subtle pearlescent finish adds a touch of sophistication, creating a stunning effect as it catches the light.

Coordinate this wallpaper with vintage-inspired accessories such as lace curtains, floral bedding, and antique furniture to complete the timeless vintage look in your bedroom.

Swan Song in Ballerina Pink – Luxury Designer Wallpaper

Pink Bedroom Ideas Swan Song Muted Pink Luxury Wallpaper by Designer Becca Who

Elevate the elegance and sophistication of your bedroom with the Swan Song Designer Wallpaper in Ballerina. This luxury wallpaper is a true masterpiece, featuring soft roses, snapdragons, and the graceful wings of swans. The soft painterly details and flowing composition create a stunning effect on your walls.

The Ballerina colour way, with its harmoniously muted pinks on a silver grey background, adds a touch of elegant glamour to your space.
To create a coordinated and harmonious look, pair this wallpaper with the Swan Song Velvet Fabric in Ballerina. This matching fabric is perfect for soft furnishings and upholstery, allowing you to bring the same opulent charm to your furniture pieces or curtains.

Complement the wallpaper and fabric with accessories in shades of muted pinks, silvers, and greys. Add silky textures, such as satin or velvet, to enhance the luxurious feel. Incorporate mirrored or metallic accents to reflect light and create a sense of glamour. Complete the look with plush cushions, a statement chandelier, and ornate picture frames to add a touch of elegance to your bedroom retreat.

Garden Treasures in Pink Pearl – English Country Floral Wallpaper

Pink Bedroom Ideas Garden Treasures Country Floral Pale Pink Wallpaper

Transform your space into a haven of irresistible charm with the Garden Treasures Wallpaper in Pink Pearl. This English country floral wallpaper captures the essence of summer gardens, featuring delicate dragonflies, grasshoppers, and birds nestled amongst pretty florals. The painterly details bring a sense of artistry to your walls.

The softest pale pink background sets the stage for touches of raspberry and turquoise, creating a harmonious colour palette. Coordinate this wallpaper with neutral schemes, soft pinks, or the gentlest teal for a serene and elegant atmosphere in your bedroom.

To enhance the beauty of the wallpaper, incorporate coordinating accessories that complement the colour scheme. Choose accents in shades of raspberry and turquoise to create a cohesive look. Add soft furnishings such as cushions or a throw in these colours to bring a touch of vibrancy to the space. Opt for light coloured furniture with a vintage flair to enhance the English country aesthetic. Complete the look with floral inspired artwork, botanical prints, and fresh flowers to bring the beauty of nature indoors.

Swan Song in Masquerade with Pinks – Luxury Designer Wallpaper

Elevate your interior to new heights of dramatic beauty with the Swan Song Luxury Designer Wallpaper in Masquerade. This wallpaper is a true showstopper, guaranteed to make a statement in any room. The opulent colour palette of claret and an array of pinks from fuchsia to dusky pink - on a shimmery mid-grey background creates a captivating and enchanting atmosphere.

The Swan Song design is a rich tapestry of painterly roses, snapdragons, and the ethereal wings of swans, making it a truly unforgettable piece. The subtle pearlescent finish of the wallpaper adds a touch of luxury, allowing it to beautifully catch and reflect light.

To complement this dramatic wallpaper, create a colour palette that exudes elegance and sophistication. Incorporate rich jewel tones such as deep claret, velvety purples, and touches of dusky pink. Balance the boldness with muted greys and silver accents.

Choose coordinating accessories that enhance the opulence of the wallpaper. Opt for plush velvet cushions or throws in deep claret or dusty pink to add texture and warmth to the space. Select statement lighting fixtures with ornate detailing and crystal embellishments to create a sense of grandeur.
To complete the look, consider incorporating metallic accents such as silver or brushed gold. Mirrors with intricate frames or metallic wall art can add depth and reflect the light, enhancing the overall ambiance of the room. With its striking design and luxurious finish, the Swan Song wallpaper in Masquerade is sure to create a captivating and unforgettable interior space.

Serpentwined in Blush Pink – Luxury Designer Wallpaper

Indulge in the allure of Serpentwined Luxury Designer Wallpaper in Blush Pink, a captivating and elegant addition to your interior. This wallpaper exudes an air of mystery and sophistication with its intertwining snakes, stylised florals, and foliage. The delicate painterly details on a light, muted pink background create a harmonious balance between tradition and contemporary design.

The Blush Pink colour way sets a serene and tranquil atmosphere, complemented by soft teals and dusky pink accents. This versatile palette allows for effortless coordination with a range of interior styles. The beautiful matte finish of the wallpaper adds a touch of refinement to any space.
To create a captivating bedroom colour palette, combine blush pink with accents of soft teal and dusky pink. This combination exudes elegance and creates a serene and calming ambiance. Consider incorporating touches of metallic gold or brass to add a touch of opulence and sophistication to the space.

Coordinating accessories can enhance the beauty of the Serpentwined wallpaper. Opt for plush velvet cushions or curtains in the Nightfall fabric, which beautifully coordinates with the wallpaper. The Nightfall fabric brings depth and texture to the room, with its mesmerizing serpent inspired pattern. Introduce soft lighting with vintage-inspired lamps or chandeliers to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Accessorise with botanical elements, such as lush green plants or floral arrangements, to enhance the natural motif of the wallpaper. Choose furniture pieces with graceful curves and intricate details to complement the elegance of the Serpentwined design.

With its captivating snakes and floral motifs, the Serpentwined wallpaper in Blush Pink is a statement piece that adds a touch of intrigue and sophistication to any interior. Coordinate it with the Nightfall fabric for a harmonious and enchanting bedroom that exudes timeless beauty.

Pink Fabrics for Bedroom Interiors – Soft Furnishings, Curtains and Upholstery.

Swan Song in Ballerina – Luxury Velvet Fabric by the Metre

Create an atmosphere of elegance and enchantment in your bedroom with Swan Song Luxury Velvet Fabric in the Ballerina colour way. The graceful swans, adorned with antlers, evoke a sense of ethereal beauty amidst a backdrop of roses, snapdragons, and pussy willow.

Upholster a dreamy headboard in this soft and romantic velvet fabric to turn your bedroom into a fairytale haven. Adorn your windows with curtains made from Swan Song to let in gentle, filtered light and add a touch of whimsy. Embrace the majesty of the British countryside and infuse your space with an air of timeless charm using this stunning fabric. 

Aviana in Rose Pink – Patterned Velvet Fabric by the Metre

Infuse your bedroom with a vintage charm and a touch of countryside beauty using Aviana Patterned Velvet Fabric in Rose Pink. The soft, romantic feel of this fabric, adorned with birds, foliage, and delicate flowers, creates a soothing and inviting ambiance.

Upholster your headboard with Aviana to add a focal point of elegance and serenity to your bedroom. Create matching cushions or curtains to complete the look, harmonising the softest muted blues, and ivory with the gentle pinks. Let the garden birds, including bullfinches, sparrows, and thrush, transport you to a tranquil paradise within the comfort of your own bedroom. 

Bengal Rose Garden in Dusky Pink on Black – Luxury Velvet Fabric by the Metre

Ignite the drama and fearless beauty of a Bengal Rose Garden in your bedroom with this exquisite velvet fabric. The striking contrast of dusky pink roses against a black backdrop creates an alluring and captivating atmosphere.

Upholster your headboard with this fabric to make a bold statement, transforming your bedroom into a luxurious sanctuary. Let the deep pink roses emerge from the foliage, accompanied by the majestic presence of a Bengal tiger, creating a truly captivating scene. Infuse your space with the heady allure of a dark floral paradise, where elegance and mystery intertwine to create a breathtakingly opulent ambiance.

Magic Of India in Lotus - Designer Velvet Fabric by the Metre

Embark on a captivating journey to the enchanting lands of India with Magic of India Designer Velvet Fabric in Lotus Pink. This fabric exudes a vibrant energy, celebrating the beauty of wildlife and flora in a mesmerizing palette of pinks and blues.

Let the hand-drawn artwork of peacocks, Bengal tigers, and elephants transport you to a world of opulence and discovery. Upholster your favorite armchair with this fabric to create a statement piece that adds a touch of exotic allure to your bedroom. Allow the rich colours and intricate details to infuse your space with the magic and mystique of India, choosing rich small patterns on accessories to compliment, transforming your bedroom into a haven of cultural splendor.

Garden Treasures in Candy Pink – Patterned Velvet Fabric by the Metre

Unleash the vibrant beauty of a whimsical garden in your bedroom with Garden Treasures Patterned Velvet Fabric in Candy Pink. This fabric showcases a delightful composition of kingfishers, dragonflies, and colourful garden flowers, creating a treasure trove of wildlife and flora.

Upholster your bed's headboard with this fabric to infuse your space with a burst of playful charm. The bright silver and yellow details on the striking pink background bring the artwork to life, resulting in a truly eye-catching design. Let the kingfishers flutter and the dragonflies dance as your bedroom transforms into a whimsical sanctuary, filled with the magic of nature's treasures.


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