Velvet Upholstery Fabric on Chair Emerald Green Balloon Safari Pattern by Designer Becca Who

Showcasing the Best of Upholstered Chairs | 10 Stunning Chairs, Transformed into Works of Art with Velvet Upholstery Fabrics

Transform a Chair into a Special Statement Piece with Velvet Upholstery Fabric

Choosing the best upholstery fabric for a chair, means considering several key areas; Colour, Pattern and Fabric Type. But what if your goal is more than functional furniture? If you seek a piece that reflects your own unique style, will stand the test of time for durability without compromising on drama and opulence - Enter Becca Who's Velvet Upholstery Fabrics.

A beautiful, expressive Upholstery Fabric, in the capable hands of a professional upholsterer, is the secret ingredient to crafting chairs that steal the show in an interior. If youre looking to make an artistic statement in your interior, a Velvet from Becca Who may just offer exactly what youre looking for. Popular with Upholsterers, the range of colourful, designer velvet fabrics from Becca Who, offer an array of styles and patterns, each with beautiful, painterly art, to result in sensational furniture, with a durability that means you can enjoy your special piece in your every day.

Each Becca Who fabric design has been carefully developed to offer wide possibilities for creative upholstery - whether its the intricate wings of a Dragonfly strikingly centred on a chair back, the tail of a Bengal Tiger majestically resting on the seat, or an elegantly entwined snake nestled on an armrest! This is the magic of Becca Who Upholstery Fabrics - making every piece a conversation starter, a captivating piece of functional art. Becca Who Upholstery Fabrics transform a chair into an exquisite canvas, a key furniture piece within a room, a stunning focal point.

The colourful, patterned fabrics from Becca Who are intended to make an attractive statement in your space - a reflection of your own love of art and the natural world, showcasing your unique style and taste. Highly original designs mean that your chosen upholstery fabric can transform the simplest of chairs into a captivating centre piece, a work of art to be admired and enjoyed, adding creative flair to your home decor through a truly unique piece of furniture.


Any style of chair can be enhanced with a stunning Becca Who Upholstery Fabric

As you will see below, any style of chair can be enhanced with a stunning Becca Who upholstery fabric - from a traditional armchair, to a contemporary cocktail chair, a vintage rocking chair, iconic egg chair or even an Art Deco cinema seat. A Becca Who upholstered chair isn't mere furniture; they can be a pivotal element within a space, commanding attention and admiration. They're more than seating; they're statements - bold declarations of individuality and exquisite taste. Whether nestled in a cosy reading nook, proudly positioned in a living area, or enhancing the elegance of a bedroom, a Becca Who upholstered chair doesn't just blend in; it takes the spotlight, drawing eyes and inspiring conversation.


Why Velvet Fabric is a Good Choice for Upholstery - Durable and Practical, Tactile and Luxurious!

Velvet is known to be a good upholstery fabric, a timeless choice which remains ever popular for furniture. Not only a fabulous, tactile canvas on which to showcase artistic designs, velvet is a practical, durable choice for upholstery. The Becca Who Velvet Upholstery Fabrics all have a Martindale rub test score of 50,000 - meaning that the material wears exceptionally well, and is ranked as highly durable, for heavy domestic and commercial use.

Velvet brings a touch of luxury to your furniture, a short pile means that it is practical and easy to keep clean, a soft material to enhance the sense of comfort within your home. For upholstered chairs and sofas, velvet fabric is warm to sit in, ensuring you can always look forward to sinking into your favourite seat!

In addition to being a practical, comfortable and durable fabric, velvet is a fantastic choice for designer fabrics with their wide range of colours and bold, artwork details. Velvet offers a rich depth of tone on the material, with Becca Who velvets having a slight sheen to them, meaning that the design elements are always represented vibrantly and catch the light beautifully.


Reupholstery of a Special Heirloom Piece of Furniture

A beloved chair with happy childhood memories, perhaps holding reminders of a loved one, deserves special treatment to ensure that this key piece can continue to be loved and enjoyed in the home. Reupholstery is a wonderful way of giving new life to older, perhaps damaged or worn pieces, bringing out their individual character and meaning that we can utilise the furniture once again, as it was in its former glory.

The bold, beautifully striking designs of Becca Who are a choice which celebrate such heirloom pieces, creating something to be noticed and appreciated. Combining timeless designs with antique or vintage furniture results in a chair or sofa which is highly original and unique.

When we are restoring a beloved old chair or sofa, choosing a design which speaks to us like a work of art brings our own creativity and meaning to a piece. By selecting a highly durable velvet material for an upholstered piece of furniture, we can be assured of enjoying our special piece for many years to come.


Luxurious Elegance: 10 Stunning Examples of Velvet Upholstery Fabric Transforming Chairs into Statement Pieces

An expressive Velvet Upholstery Fabric, with its sumptuous texture and opulent appeal, holds an innate ability to elevate furniture to new heights. A bold Becca Who fabric design can be featured on any style of chair, with rich colour palettes and artistic designs, resulting in something very special and of timeless appeal.
Here, we explore the best of upholstered chairs to show you ten favourites. On each chair, all of different styles, Becca Who Velvet Upholstery Fabrics have been used to completely transform them into the most striking of statement pieces, exuding drama and creativity with an air of luxurious elegance.

Velvet Upholstery Fabric Crocodilia in Sunset Yellow by Designer Becca Who on Rocking Chair

1. Rocking Chair Reupholstery in Sunset Yellow Crocodilia Velvet Fabric

This reupholstered rocking chair showcases just what spectacular results can be achieved with a beloved older piece, restoring it to something very special. The fabulous Unseen Icons, of Writtle, Essex, worked with Becca Who Crocodilia Velvet Upholstery Fabric to create this wonderful piece. Selected to bring new life to this characterful chair, the Sunset Yellow colour way brings a joyous accent to the space, forming a stunning focal point which sits exceptionally well alongside the period features, beautifully combining a bold designer fabric with a traditional interior style.


Velvet Upholstery Fabric Patterned Black and Gold Amazon Trip by Designer Becca Who on Wingback Chair

2. Luxe Black & Gold Upholstery Fabric, Amazon Trip, on Statement Wingback Armchair

This reupholstered chair is a dramatic beauty, sure to capture attention in an interior. Upholstered in Becca Who Amazon Trip Velvet Upholstery Fabric by the talented people at Harry and The Beagle of Lincolnshire. Paired with contrasting piping and black painted legs, this piece showcases the incredible possibilities when reupholstering a traditional wingback chair with new designer fabric. With a majestic Jaguar as the focal point, the placement of the artwork elements has been carefully planned and executed to ensure a memorable, beautiful piece of furniture to be enjoyed for many years to come.



Velvet Upholstery Fabric Blue Floral by Designer Becca Who on Armchair


3. Dark Floral Upholstery Fabric for an Armchair with More Than First Meets The Eye!

Intrigue and beauty combine to result in this inviting armchair, featuring the Bengal Rose Garden Velvet Upholstery Fabric by Becca Who, stunning carved legs and studding details. The fabulous upholstery work is by The Upholstery Room of Lymington, with the dark Midnight Blue colour way paired with a warm, earthy hue on the arms and contrasting piping. With Bengal Tigers on the fabric positioned to take centre stage, this armchair is a beautiful example of how a velvet upholstery fabric can be used to transform a beloved piece.


Velvet Upholstery Fabric with Bold Rainforest Pattern by Designer Becca Who on Chair

4. Bold Velvet Upholstery Fabric on Chair, featuring vibrant Rainforest Rush Design

A striking Velvet Upholstery Fabric here, with rainforest birds rushing amongst tropical foliage and flowers for a chair which is truly a statement piece of furniture. Upholstered by The Upholstery Room of Lymington, the piping in a vibrant plain red velvet is a striking compliment to the patterned fabric. The Rainforest Rush design was developed to be of a scale which is effective for statement upholstery - and the careful positioning of the birds and exotic bugs on this piece, mean that there is something interesting to enjoy on every part of this fabulous chair.


Colourful Velvet Upholstery Fabric Amazon Jungle in Violet by Designer Becca Who on Antique Chair

5. Colourful Velvet Upholstery Fabric on Antique Chair for Show Stopping Results

A fabulous example of how a bold, designer upholstery fabric can be featured on an antique chair to create a truly memorable piece of furniture. Amazon Trip patterned velvet upholstery fabric by Becca Who was used to striking effect by Pigsty Upholstery and Interiors of Staffordshire. With creative placement of the design elements, the colourful fabric design is showcased beautifully on the chair back, finished with studding detail around.


Velvet Upholstery Fabric in Emerald Green by Designer Becca Who on Vintage Cinema Seat

6. Symmetry in Upholstery Fabric Design featured to Striking Effect on Vintage Cinema Seat

Featuring Balloon Safari Velvet Upholstery Fabric by Becca Who, Unseen icons of Writtle, Essex, have carefully restored and reupholstered many a beautiful Art Deco style cinema seat - and this one is a particular favourite. Positioning the design elements centrally on each chair back and seat, means that the upholstery fabric becomes a showcase of art, complimenting these stylish seats perfectly for a timeless piece, sure to be a point of conversation in an interior. The vibrantly coloured fabric in Emerald Green and Claret compliments the warm wood tones and gold touches beautifully.


Patterned Velvet Upholstery Fabric by Designer Becca Who on Egg Chair

7. Patterned Velvet Upholstery Fabric on an Egg Chair for Utter Wow Factor

The iconic shape of the Egg Chair is a beloved statement in an interior - paired with an expressive, patterned upholstery fabric, the result is an exceptionally dramatic and beautiful piece, as seen here. Piper Upholstery of Yeovil, Somerset, featured the Garden Treasures Velvet Upholstery Fabric from Becca Who, to create this special chair, sure to be enjoyed in an interior.


Blue Velvet Upholstery Fabric by Designer Becca Who on Chair

8. Opulent Velvet Upholstery Fabric with Snakes for a Dramatic Chair

In a rich Azure Blue, this patterned Upholstery Fabric results in a statement piece of furniture to take the spotlight in an interior. Inviting and intriguing, Forbidden Fruit Velvet Upholstery Fabric is featured on this luxurious piece, upholstered by Anais et Coraline Couture in France. With a contrasting fabric for the sides and back of the chair, snakes and pomegranates nestle on arms and seats for an interesting and original piece of furniture, sure to turn heads.


Colourful Velvet Upholstery Fabric by Designer Becca Who on cocktail chair

9. Colourful Velvet Upholstery Fabric with Rainforest Birds on Cocktail Chair

This gorgeous, statement chair features Becca Who Rainforest Rush Velvet Upholstery Fabric, upholstered by Comfort and Joy Upholstery, of Northwich. The creative placement of the birds on the chair make for a fascinating piece of furniture to enjoy in an interior. The fabric was designed with upholstery in mind, whereby the birds are of a good size to form focal points on the furniture. Contrasting piping finishes this chair to stunning effect for a resulting fun piece which is sure to add luxurious vibrancy to a room.


Patterned Velvet Upholstery Fabric by Designer Becca Who on Chair

10. A Decorative Velvet Upholstery Fabric Makes a Statement on an Ornate Antique Chair

Filled with decorative, hand drawn details, the Eden Velvet Upholstery Fabric by Becca Who was featured on this stunning piece of furniture, made by the talented people at DC Upholstery, of North Shields. Perfectly aligned with the carved details on the furniture, the elegant, ornate style of the Eden Velvet Fabric makes this upholstery material the perfect choice here. Positioned beautifully on the chair back and seat, the large repeat of the design was always intended for statement upholstered pieces, and this is a stunning example of a beautiful chair restoration, with timeless decorative elements to enjoy on every aspect for many years to come.

Becca Who Designer Velvet Upholstery Fabrics for the Most Stunning Statement Chairs

As we have seen here, in the capable hands of a professional upholsterer, the transformative power of beautiful, patterned velvet upholstery fabrics cannot be overstated.

Becca Who velvet upholstery fabrics offer an opportunity to infuse character and expressive style into furniture, turning ordinary pieces into extraordinary works of art. By selecting your favourite fabric and creatively incorporating it into a chair or sofa, you can truly elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces. Velvet being durable and practical, luxuriously tactile and vibrant, you can be sure of a special piece to enjoy as it stands the test of time.


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