Create Something Special in an Interior with Becca Who Designer Fabrics

Becca Who patterned furnishing fabrics can completely transform an interior, offering a stunning focal point within the space. A designer with a love of rich colour palettes, highly decorative textiles and touches of the unexpected, Becca Who creates fabrics which bring something exceptional to an interior. Filled with painterly details from Becca’s original hand rendered artwork, these beautiful velvet fabrics result in upholstered furniture, or statement curtains which take centre stage in any room. The soft, tactile appeal of velvet, combined with rich colour palettes and bold motifs bring real character and a luxurious feel.

Becca Who specialises in creating colourful, patterned velvet art fabrics which are a perfect choice for statement upholstery and soft furnishings. Whether you are looking to reupholster a special family heirloom, or to create a dramatic window treatment, let us offer some inspiration on how you might feature a Becca Who fabric to enhance your living space;


Velvet Furnishing Fabric with Colourful Pattern by UK Designer, Becca Who


What Colour Fabric Should I Choose? | How To Select Fabric Colours for your Interior

Choosing the perfect furnishing fabric colours for your interior is a vital step in creating a harmonious and inviting space. At Becca Who, our colourful patterned polyester velvet fabrics offer a vibrant palette to choose from. With each colour way involving several hues, you can look to find the perfect match for your decor. Here are some helpful tips to help you choose the right fabric colours for your home:


1. Consider the Room’s Purpose

The function of the room should guide your colour choices for furnishing fabrics. Different colours evoke different emotions and can set the tone for the space:


- Choosing fabric Colours for a Living Room / Lounge:

For a welcoming and energetic atmosphere in a lounge space, consider warm colours like rich earthy tones, oranges, reds, and yellows for fabrics. These hues stimulate conversation and create a cosy, inviting environment, working wonderfully well in layers with various textures and patterns. 

Green and blue have always been popular choices for living rooms, as they bring the colours of nature into our environment, offering a sense of calm and relaxation, perfectly complimenting plants within the space. 

Darker hues can also work very well to create an intimate living space or lounge, elevated in the space with highlights from light sources and accent colours. Whether you choose the classic feel of navy blue, the luxurious touch of claret or the timeless glamour of black, furnishing fabrics in darker hues within your living room interior will bring a sense of cocooning and comfort.

- Choosing fabric Colours for a Dining Room:

Choose bold, vibrant colours like deep burgundy or emerald green to create an elegant and stimulating dining experience. These jewel toned colours can enhance appetite and make meal times more enjoyable. Rich hues on furnishing fabrics in a dining area can enhance our sense of enjoyment of food, socialising and relaxation. Colours such as black, teal or mustard add glamour to an interior when paired with metallic elements within the space.

- Choosing fabric Colours for a Bedroom:

Opt for calming colours in bedroom decor, to compliment the primary function of rest and relaxation. Pinks, soft blues, greens, and purples each promote recuperation and restful sleep. Muted colours work especially well in a bedroom interior, giving us the elegant, calm space we look forward to retreating to, creating a serene and tranquil retreat.

- Choosing fabric Colours for a Home Office:

For a study or work space, select colours which boost productivity and creativity, such as energising yellows, serene blues or greens. Neutral hues can also work well in an office space, combined with an accent colour to add interest and character. All of these shades can help maintain focus and inspire innovative thinking in a home office interior.


Velvet Furnishing Fabric to coordinate in interior by UK Designer, Becca Who


2. Select Fabric Colours to Coordinate with Existing Decor

When choosing furnishing fabric colours for your interior, it’s essential to consider any existing decor to ensure a cohesive look:

- Colour Palette:

Identify your preferred dominant colours in your room and select fabric colours that compliment or contrast effectively. Use a colour wheel as a guide—complimentary colours are opposite each other on the wheel, while analogous colours are next to each other. Each approach of combining colours can have different results in your interior, with complimentary colours adding character and interest, whilst analogous colours ensure a more seamless, calming cohesion within the room.

- Furniture and Accessories:

Consider the colours of your furniture, wall paint, and accessories. If your space has a neutral base, you can certainly afford to be bold with your fabric choices - colourful pattern sits beautifully against a backdrop of fresh white or soft greys. If your space already features vibrant colours, you might choose fabrics in coordinating shades to sit well in the overall scheme, or you could add more layers of colour to result in an eclectic feel. Consider the wood tones of your furniture or floor as a hue within the space, whether warm or cool, light or dark.


Velvet Furnishing Fabric in Mustard Yellow with Animals Print by UK Designer, Becca Who


3. Think About Lighting when Choosing Fabric Colours

Lighting plays an important role in how colours appear in your interior. Natural and artificial light can affect the perception of fabric colours:


- Natural Light:

Rooms with plenty of natural light can handle darker, more saturated colours, as the light will highlight the fabric’s richness and depth. Lighter colours can look even more airy and spacious in well-lit rooms as sunlight streams through windows.

- Artificial Light:

In spaces with limited natural light, you might be looking to brighten the room, or to enhance the cosiness of the area. Choose lighter or mid-tone colours to brighten the space up, or select darker, cosy hues to add to the intimate atmosphere, being sure to select beautiful lighting to enhance those areas you wish to be focal points. Warm light bulbs can enhance warm colours, while cool light bulbs can intensify cooler shades, with warm light being the usual preference for relaxing in a home interior and cool for task lighting in desired areas.


Velvet Furnishing Fabric Upholstery on Armchair in bold pattern by UK Designer, Becca Who

4. Choose Fabric Colours Which Reflect Your Personal Style

There’s no doubt that your home should be a reflection of your own personality and style, a place where you feel at home surrounded by things that you love. Choose fabric colours that resonate with you personally and those which make you feel happy and comfortable:


- Bold and Vibrant:

If you love making a statement, go for bright, bold colours that stand out and showcase your personality through stunning focal points in the space. Becca Who offers a whole range of patterned velvet fabrics in vivid hues which are perfect for creating a dynamic and eye catching interior. You might choose to layer an eclectic mix of vibrant hues together in the interior, or spotlight key pieces against a backdrop of warm white.

- Calming and Natural:

For a more understated, elegant look, select fabrics in natural or pastel shades. These colours create a calm and sophisticated atmosphere, allowing other elements of your decor to shine. Natural colours work beautifully amongst a variety of textures such as wood, brick and stone, with textiles such as velvet softening these natural elements. Pastel hues bring a charm to the space which invites us to make ourselves comfortable and relax.

- Eclectic and Artistic:

For those with an eclectic style, enjoy mixing and matching different colours and patterns to compliment your favourite pieces in your space, whether art, souvenirs or quirky ornament. The unique designs available in Becca Who fabrics offer endless possibilities for creating a one-of-a-kind space that truly reflects your creativity and individuality.


5. Test Your Chosen Colours for Your Space with Fabric Samples

Before making a final decision on colours, order fabric samples of those you are interested in and test them in your space. Observe how the colours look next to other key elements of decor, and at different times of the day under various lighting conditions. Use fabric samples to ensure that you’ll be entirely happy with your choice once the fabric is in place.


Velvet Furnishing fabric in Teal for Upholstery and Roman Blinds by UK Designer, Becca Who

10 Ways To Add Your Chosen Colours and Patterns to Your Interior

The Becca Who collection of colourful patterned velvet fabrics are borne out of wide ranging inspirations from nature and wildlife, to Art Nouveau and the Golden Age of Illustration. Your interior should be a reflection of your personality and creativity, and the Becca Who fabric collection offers designs which speak to our travels, experiences and loves of art and the natural world. Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate your chosen favourite velvet fabrics into your home decor:


Velvet Furnishing Fabric with Indian Pattern on Sofa Upholstery by UK Designer, Becca Who

1. Fabric for a Statement Sofa:

Imagine sinking into a sofa covered in an opulent velvet, adorned with bold, elegant pattern. Whether you choose a design inspired by lush botanicals or whimsical creatures, a Becca Who upholstery fabric will turn your sofa into a statement piece that commands attention in the room and invites luxurious relaxation. Pair your patterned sofa with plain cushions or a throw for a cohesive, stylish look.


Velvet Furnishing fabric with bold pattern on upholstered chair by UK Designer, Becca Who

2. Fabric for a Chair with Character:

Whether reupholstering a beloved heirloom or commissioning a brand new piece, a chair with Becca Who patterned velvet fabric can become a fabulous focal point in a room. The rich texture and vibrant colours make for a cosy reading nook or an eye catching accent chair, with older pre loved pieces enjoying a whole exciting new lease of life. Choose a fabric design which compliments your existing decor - or go bold with a pattern that turns heads.


Velvet Furnishing Fabric patterned on upholstered dining chairs by UK Designer, Becca Who

3. Fabric to Create Beautiful Dining Chairs:

Statement velvet upholstery on dining chairs add a real touch of glamour to your dining area. The Becca Who velvet is not only beautiful but also durable, making it a perfect choice for furniture that sees frequent use. Mix and match patterns for a modern, eclectic look, or choose a single design for a more coordinated style around the dining table. You might look to add a coordinating roman blind to the space.


Velvet Furnishing Fabric on Upholstered Statement Headboard by UK Designer, Becca Who

4. A Statement Headboard in a Patterned Velvet Fabric:

A statement headboard upholstered in sumptuous velvet is sure to completely transform your bedroom into a personal sanctuary. The soft, tactile nature of velvet adds a layer of comfort and sophistication, creating an atmosphere which reflects your own style. A Becca Who patterned velvet will make your bed the focal point of the room, inviting restful sleep and relaxation.


Velvet Furnishing Fabric with Animals Pattern on Upholstered Ottoman by UK Designer, Becca Who


5. Fabric for an Eye Catching Ottoman

An ottoman upholstered in Becca Who patterned velvet fabric can be a fabulous way to showcase a designer fabric in your interior. An ottoman is a practical storage solution which can even offer additional occasional seating, serving as a versatile and stylish addition to your living room or bedroom. Along with these benefits, why not create an ottoman that also stands out as a central piece of decor. Choose from fabulous animal prints to heavy floral designs to create a stunning statement piece of furniture. You might choose to compliment your patterned sofa or armchair. The rich texture and vibrant colours of Becca Who fabric will add depth and personality to your space.


Velvet Patterned Furnishing Fabric on Footstool by UK Designer, Becca Who


6. Fabric for a Patterned Footstool

Elevate the details in your interior with a footstool upholstered in Becca Who luxurious patterned velvet fabric. Whether you're looking to reupholster an old piece or add a new element to your room, a Becca Who footstool brings a touch of elegance and interest. Perfect for placing in front of your favourite armchair, this small but impactful piece of furniture can feature a bold pattern that ties the room together. Opt for a design that complements your existing decor or choose a striking pattern that adds a pop of colour and intrigue. You might wish to coordinate with matching cushions on the sofa.


Velvet Furnishing Fabric with Colourful Pattern on lampshade by UK Designer, Becca Who


7. Fabric for a Unique Lampshade

Transform your lighting with a custom lampshade covered in Becca Who patterned velvet fabric. A velvet lampshade not only diffuses light beautifully, creating a warm and inviting glow, but also adds an unexpected touch of luxury to a room. A Becca Who patterned velvet will make your lampshade a standout feature on a bedside table, desk, or in the living room to cast a captivating ambiance.


Velvet Patterned Furnishing Fabric for Cushions by UK Designer, Becca Who


8. Fabric for Decorative Cushions

Cushions are an effortlessly chic way to introduce Becca Who velvet fabrics into your home. Scatter a selection of luxurious cushions on your sofa, armchair, or bed to instantly uplift the space. Mix and match patterns to create a playful, eclectic look or coordinate with other elements in the room for a more unified style. Becca Who fabric results in beautiful, colourful cushions, not only to add comfort but also to showcase the intricate and vibrant designs.


Bright Orange Patterned Velvet Fabric for Curtains and Blinds by Designer, Becca Who


9. Fabric for a Statement Roman Blind

A Roman blind in Becca Who patterned fabric can be very impactful in a space, adding a touch of elegant character, along with functionality, to your windows. The rich texture of velvet combined with your chosen design will create a stunning focal point in any room. Whether you choose a Becca Who fabric with pretty bird motifs, intricate ornamental design or intriguing animal patterns, a Roman blind will offer privacy and warmth, while enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space. Consider coordinating your roman blind with other upholstered pieces, like dining chairs or a statement headboard, for a cohesive look.


Dark Blue and Pink Patterned Velvet Fabric for Curtains by Designer, Becca Who


10. Patterned Fabric for Dramatic Curtains

Make a bold statement with dramatic curtains in an opulent Becca Who patterned fabric. The luxurious velvet fabrics not only offer eye-catching designs but also drape beautifully and provide excellent insulation and light control. Whether you opt for full-length curtains that pool elegantly on the floor or shorter styles that frame your windows, our patterned velvet will add a sense of drama and sophistication to your space. Pair your curtains with matching cushions or a coordinating throw to create a cohesive and stylish interior.


Patterned velvet furnishing fabric on chair by UK Designer, Becca Who


Bringing Colour & Pattern Together in Your Interior through Furnishing Fabrics

Choosing the perfect fabric colours for your interior should be an enjoyable experience and a chance to explore your self expression. Considering all of the factors in your interior, such as existing decor, lighting and the room’s purpose, you can find a colour palette which best suits your space and how you want it to feel.

When we are looking to introduce pattern, Becca Who fabrics are intended to bring more art into our everyday spaces, with intricate artwork and striking designs which speak to our individual tastes and interests. Vibrant, artistic fabrics provide endless opportunities to personalise your space and, whether you’re drawn to bold, eye catching patterns or charming country florals, the Becca Who collection of furnishing fabrics provides ways to explore your own creativity. 

From a sumptuous patterned sofa to a statement ottoman, characterful armchair or unique lampshade, the beauty of Becca Who velvet fabrics lies not only in their artistic value, but in their versatility. With velvet fabric offering both practical and durable qualities, you can incorporate a touch of luxury into your home decor through a furnishing fabric that can transform the aesthetic.


Explore the Becca Who Fabric Collection and discover a velvet furnishing fabric to create your very own artful sanctuary.

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