Luxury Designer Wallpapers: The Key to A Beautifully Bold, Maximalist Interior

Visually stunning, rich in detail and filled with character, creating our own Maximalist spaces in our interiors is a beautiful journey of self expression. The rewards are a space in which we feel completely at home, surrounded by choices which represent our unique personality, richly layered with abundant elements, plush textures, bold patterned wallpapers and statement pieces or artwork with meanings that we hold dear.

When it comes to wallpapers, the rise of independent designer offerings has meant that we can choose from a wide variety of luxury designer wallpapers, often of hand rendered art, which carry the mood and meaning that we want to enjoy. A perfect way to add artistic flair to your interior, a well selected wallpaper is one of the simplest ways in which to completely transform your space and to create a beautifully bold impact in your home decor.

Whether you choose to create a striking feature of wallpaper on just one wall, complimented by the surrounding paint colours - or embrace the heady heights of allover pattern for the whole room -  rather than ordinary wallcoverings, luxury designer wallpapers can be a work of art, bringing a bold statement which is reflective of your unique style. 

Luxury Designer Wallpapers by Becca Who for beautiful living room decor

With unique, hand rendered artwork, the painstaking painterly details of one who loves their craft, wallpaper designs from independent designers are often creatively imbued with meaning and inspiration beyond first glance, an infusion which speaks to us in how we feel in the space. The benefits of choosing luxury designer wallpapers however are not limited to their discernible artistic content. In this post, let's look at some of the additional benefits of choosing luxury designer wallpapers for your home;

1. Versatile: With a wealth of styles, colours and artistic designs, the choice of luxury designer wallpapers on the market means that you can find the perfect accompaniment to any interior style. The qualities of designer wallpapers mean that they can be used in a variety of spaces, from living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. You might look to entirely cover a small powder room, utilise a chimney breast to create a feature wall or above a dado rail. Those looking for an adventurous focal point could even create a dramatic wallpapered ceiling!

Can I Use Luxury Designer Wallpapers in a Bathroom? In the case of the Becca Who Wallpaper Collection, customers can and often do select the wallpapers for such uses. Whilst the wallpapers are not specifically prepared for an environment in which moisture is present, a simple way of ensuring that the wallpaper can better withstand moisture is to use a polyvine decorators varnish (available in flat, satin or gloss finishes) to coat the wallpaper. This technique is widely used for wallpapers in bathrooms, with the varnish having water resistant properties and also protecting against scuffs and mildew. 
Read Our Blog: Can I Use Wallpaper in a Bathroom? to learn more.
 Can Luxury Designer Wallpapers be used in a bathroom

2. Unrivaled Quality: Often printed to order, wallpapers from independent designers are produced in small batches. When a designer has earnestly invested their skills and time into creating a design which is representative of their unique inspirations and passions, they are of course looking to see the process through with the use of the best available materials and careful production to ensure the very best result. High quality materials, attention to detail and precise standards of quality can be expected of designer wallpapers to ensure that not only is it very beautiful on the wall, but that it is durable and will stand the test of time.

 Luxury Designer Wallpaper floral bedroom wall by Becca Who

3. Often Easier to Hang: Manufactured with attention to detail and with high quality materials, luxury designer wallpapers are often easier to hang with the selected papers often being of a heavier weight. With the best possible final result being our goal, the chosen high qualities make for smoother handling of the paper during the decorating process, ensuring that installing the wallpaper ought to be straightforward with mistakes being less likely.

'Paste the wall' wallpapers make life much easier for those trickier areas, when handling and cutting pieces of wallpaper. Ready mixed adhesives are recommended for luxury designer wallpapers and offer the perfect way to simplify the process. For all of our Becca Who Wallpaper Collection, we recommend Beeline Yellow Top, Ready Mixed wallpaper adhesive.

 Luxury Designer Wallpapers by Becca Who Swans Blush Pink Bedroom Decor

4. Kinder To The Planet: Naturally, we are all looking to ensure that our choices are environmentally conscious ones - including in our home decor. By choosing made to order services, we know that only the required stock is produced and therefore reducing overproduction and the associated carbon emissions. In this way, neither are we contributing to landfill with surplus stock. The digital printing technologies which have made print to order feasible, have less environmental impact than traditional methods. Digital printing of wallpapers is more energy efficient and of lower emissions. Print to order services are a more sustainable model which are helping to protect the planet by reducing the environmental impact of consumer goods.

Luxury Designer Wallpapers are an investment in something special. The home ought to be a sanctuary of self expression and, when you are looking to create your own beautiful, interior which expresses your individuality, the benefits of choosing an independent designer to bring highly original, artistic elements into your space are many.

A Maximalist approach will see us forge our own path in choosing elements for our interiors which compliment our love of bold design, heavy pattern and a creative use of colour. Surrounded by eye catching pieces, sumptuous textiles, special souvenirs and hand crafted pieces that make our home stand out, we embrace our creative vision and create a space which is uniquely ours, whilst stylish and comfortable. Our choice of wallpapers has such a transformative effect in our interiors and can be a most rewarding element of our home decor. Just like a favourite work of art, a designer wallpaper becomes a talking point amongst your visiting guests, whilst we ourselves then can enjoy it in our homes everyday.

Luxury Designer Wallpapers for Maximalist interiors by Becca Who


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