Rainforest Rush in Sultry | Black Patterned Velvet Fabric

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Rainforest Rush in Sultry Black | Patterned Velvet Designer Fabric for Interiors: Upholstery, Curtains, Blinds, and Soft Furnishings

A dramatic homage to the Rainforests, this patterned velvet fabric is rich with intertwined wings and decorative foliage. Painterly artwork fills the fabric with details of exotic bugs and flowers waiting to be discovered. Rainforest Rush is offered in a rich colour palette, the aim being to convey the sudden drama of a flurry of wings in the heady atmosphere of sultry Rainforest heat. The velvet fabric makes for creative upholstery or small soft furnishings placement and the composition flows beautifully on the lengths for curtains and blinds.

The Sultry colour way is beautifully dramatic on Black, with Deep Blues and Burgundy complimented by rich reds and Teal. Highlights of Gold add further to the luxurious impact of this colour palette on the velvet. An opulent fabric design for statement soft furnishings and upholstery uses. 

  • Versatile: Fabric suitable for upholstery, curtains, blinds, and soft furnishings
  • Irresistibly tactile, patterned velvet fabric
  • Exquisite, hand-rendered artwork by British Designer, Becca Who
  • Printed to order - Allow 10-15 working days

  • For a Sample of this Fabric, please visit Fabric > Samples Page

    Upholstery: This is a popular velvet upholstery fabric which plays a dramatic role in turning furniture into works of art! The rich colours and expressive artwork lend an artistic touch to sofas, chairs, ottomans, footstools and headboards.  

    This design presents endless possibilities for creative upholstery projects, with beautiful Rainforest birds of a size which lend themself to statement furniture. Whether it's birds centred on a chair back, or a colourful Rainforest bug on an arm rest - these details bring genuine joy to home furniture.

    *If you wish to use the fabric for Upholstery uses, please select FR on the check box above for Flame Retardant treatment.

    Curtains & Blinds: The flowing composition of the Rainforest Rush design makes it a fabulous choice for luxurious curtains which are certain to bring a touch of drama to an interior. The soft, tactile velvet drapes beautifully, creating a captivating element in a room. Roman Blinds are a stunning showcase of the design, creating an eye catching focal point in a room where the striking birds can be discovered amongst the foliage.

    Soft Furnishings: Choosing Rainforest Rush Velvet Fabric for accessories such as Cushions, Pillows, Bedspreads and Lampshades instantly elevates the entire aesthetic of an interior, bringing colour, pattern, luxury and comfort with irresistible options for placement of the birds on the accessories.

    Rainforest Rush in Sultry Black | Patterned Velvet Designer Fabric Details:

    • Composition: 100% polyester for durability
    • Price is per Metre length
    • Width: 137cm
    • Pattern Repeat: Horizontal 69cm Vertical 69cm
    • Martindale: 50,000
    • Dry Clean Only
    • Designed and Made in Britain

    How to Coordinate the Sultry Black Fabric in Your Interior

    Striking on a rich black background, the Sultry colour way is yet filled with bursts of rich colour. Dramatic hues of red, teal and gold, combine for a result which is opulent and striking. The colours in the design offer many creative possibilities for choosing coordinating trims, piping and finishes.

    The Black Rainforest Rush fabric serves as a fabulous pattern for rich, statement interiors. Beautifully at home in eclectic and darker schemes, this design takes centre stage within these spaces.

    The Story of the Rainforest Rush Artwork

    Inspired by the heady atmosphere of a Rainforest, Becca embarked on presenting an original tribute to the fabulous birds of this habitat. Through painterly details, this rich fabric design celebrates the captivating sights of the movements of birds amongst the exotic flowers and foliage, to create a rich and lively ambiance in an interior space.

    Originating from hand-drawn elements, the artwork is infused with meticulous painterly details, where each stroke and brushwork is carefully rendered, resulting in a harmonious mix of motifs. These artistic techniques are impeccably printed onto tactile and luxurious velvet, giving the fabric a vibrant life and captivating allure that truly makes an impression.

    About British Designer, Becca Who

    Becca Who, a British Pattern Designer based in Lancashire, UK, is known for her dramatic and opulent style that appeals to those who appreciate highly decorative and original designs. With a penchant for hand-drawn details, painterly strokes, rich colour palettes, and unexpected elements, Becca Who creates a visual alchemy that transforms luxurious textiles for interiors.

    Becca Who's statement fabrics and luxury wallpapers can be found in stores across the UK and throughout Europe. Guided by the values of inspiring creative expression, infusing more art into our lives through timeless design, and promoting the selection of enduring products, her fabric designs have garnered attention on BBC1 and in British Vogue.

    Carefully selected British manufacturers share a commitment to producing products of the utmost quality, ensuring that Becca Who customers enjoy the best experience with these exquisite creations.

    Imagine Your Creative Interior featuring Rainforest Rush Velvet Fabric

    The Rainforest Rush velvet fabric design showcases a rich array of life amongst the Rainforest trees, resulting in exquisite finished products. The visual impact of the artwork ensures eye-catching interiors that become the focal point of conversation among your guests. Embrace the beauty of nature and Becca Who's artistic vision to create an interior space brimming with character.

    Whether used for upholstery, curtains, blinds, or soft furnishings, this fabric is a guaranteed transformative element, elevating a room into a stunning and expressive sanctuary.

    Please Note:
    This Fabric does not come as Flame Retardant as standard. If you wish to have it treated with FR for Upholstery uses, please select the check box above.